PBT: Wrap-Up


This post is part of a series of tutorials on how to create your own unique crochet pixie pocket belt – to read more about this series visit the Intro page.

Maybe it’s just because I worked on the tutorial for this so much, but this newest pixie pocket belt may be my favorite ever. To be fair though, I do say that almost every time I make a new one of these.



That’s because every one of them turns out to be totally unique – I start out with a pile of scrap materials, and then let it be what it becomes along the way. This one became “Maple” named of course after the tree. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial series – I certainly did – and I’d love to see what is being made from this guide!



This pattern tutorial series is now listed on Ravelry – hook up your projects so I can see what you made, or look through other projects for inspiration  😉

And now for more pictures and ramblings.


I especially love these to dance in, since the fabric fringe catches movement so well!


Fun side story – the flower headpiece I am wearing in this photo is one I made years ago, a long strand of curlicues (just like the ones talked about earlier in the tutorial series) with scrap yarn flowers that made as I was traveling across the U.S.


Of course, the utility belt function of this project is super handy if you are the festival-going type, since these pixie belts are not only cute and go over anything, but also hold your necessaries!


I’m pretty happy with how the faux-bustle back came out – its not something I’d ever really tried before. That’s another thing I love about these projects – pure experimentation is necessary, not just encouraged.


I’m a little sad to be closing out the pixie belt tutorial actually, so I’ve had a thought – perhaps more pocket patterns in the future? What do you think?

As always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or leave any comments! I love hearing from you <3






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    1. I made two of these belts this summer to go to a renn faire in, and I’m about to make some for my nieces for Yule. So, I’m going to go buy some of your patterns as a thank-you for such excellent and followable content!

  1. I absolutely love this idea! ❤️ I am already crocheting my own version of your belts😁 it is so helpful to have at guide to both the belt, and pockets. Really hope to see more pocket patterns to be inspired by 😁❤️
    I didn’t want to put pockets in all my dresses and skirts, and this is just such a fun way around it!

  2. A wonderfully creative way to add pockets to a skirt or baggy pants that don’t have pockets. I love them all. What an inspirational post, I will definitely be going through my closet for colourful things that are stained or shrunk while hanging and magically transform them into something fanciful and useful. Thanks for sharing this … I’m a fan !! : )

    1. I don’t, sorry! It’s made with random free flower patterns I found on the internet, combined with the curlique shapes I described in on of the PBT posts 🙂 I made it a very very long time ago!

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