Simple Stylish Market Bag

For the grocery store, farmer's market, or even beach - these cotton mesh bags are incredibly useful, expandable, and durable. Plus they take up virtually no space when empty. AND they're super easy to crochet. Update 11/2020: I've completely revamped this design, please see this new, still-free version with improved tutorials and sizes! 🙂 :)... Continue Reading →

Upcycled Market Bag

The bright red yarn wrapped around my spindle and niddy noddy is a 100% cotton fiber that I had unraveled from one of my copious amounts of thrift store sweaters and then re-spun to tighten the plies. But once that was finished, I had a sturdy, screamingly-red cordage to play with. Time to crochet up... Continue Reading →

Double Chain Tutorial

Today I'm featuring a stitch that I first discovered by majorly screwing up the foundation single crochet (fsc) stitch when I was first learning it. I dubbed it the "double chain" and stitched merrily away with it, even though I have never once seen a reference to it in a pattern or even - until... Continue Reading →

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