Post Stitch Ribbing Tutorial

I LOVE post stitches. Whether in the context of ribbing, overlay crochet,  or the ever-popular crocodile stitch, I think post stitching is one of the most versatile and useful tricks in the crocheter's arsenal. Post stitching can create a number of looks that are completely unique to crochet, but I often rely on the simple... Continue Reading →

Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Free Pattern

Welcome to day two of the Halloween Special! Day one featured a handspun pumpkin (handspunpkin?) which was more of a description than an actual tutorial, but today you'll never guess what I've got here. It's glow-in-the-dark. It's a mushroom. It's a FREE PATTERN! This spooky fungus is cute and quick and has a little secret... Continue Reading →

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