Halter Top Pattern BOGO Sale

If you’re looking to kick-start your hot girl summer, you should try halter girl summer! Handmade crochet halter tops are the cutest hot-weather accessory and definitely a part of my summer wardrobe every year – so I’m offering Buy-One Get-One for all halter tops in my Ravelry Pattern store! Just put any of my halter top patterns in your cart when buying ANY other pattern (doesn’t have to be a halter top) and use the code “SUMMER21” πŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸŒ€πŸ’

This deal starts today and runs through Monday, May 31st ❀ Best of all, all the tops pictured below are made with #4 weight 100% cotton so they are both quick to make AND cool to wear 😁

From left to right across the top row: The Acanthus Top, the Sol Halter, the Valkyrie Halter.
Left to right across the bottom: The Plus Size Sol Halter, the Mehndi Halter, and the Blossom Vest

If you want something more complex, try out the Feather & Scale halter top, a beautiful magical piece worked in Fine weight yarn:

The PDF version of the Basic Bralette & the Curvy Bralette is also included in the sale – although I do have a free version of those on my blog!

That’s it for today – just the quick sale announcement! I’m working on a new halter top design at the moment so I was inspired to offer some of my previous creations ❀ I hope you love!


Cottage Vest

I’m so pleased to have finally arrived at yet another pattern debut! This design has a bit of a backwards history, since it originally started as a draft for a more complicated pattern (much like my Priestess Coat) – but turned out to have such a different silhouette and structure from the final version, I eventually had to go back and re-engineer it for release as a separate design.

Little did I know this piece would really catch people’s eye when I wore it in some photos for other crochet patterns, and demand was high enough that I set myself to the task of writing it sometime last year – back in August I think? Well, I needed to pin down juuuuuuust the right fit, and write out six total sizes, then get them tested by an awesome group of pattern testers – so here we finally are!

The Cottage Vest is available for purchase as a downloadable, printable PDF in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop. Read on for more details about this original crochet pattern or follow the links to get the pattern directly πŸ™‚ As always, thank you all so much for your continued support of my art!

Cottage Vest Crochet Pattern

This figure flattering circular vest packs all the charm of the simple life into an easily-constructed and quick crochet project you won’t be able to stop layering over sweet sundresses, plain tees, strappy summer halters or even your favorite overalls πŸ˜‰ Featuring button-front panels that cradle the bust and a whimsical pointed back, this design is great for any #4 weight yarn and includes lots of instructions for getting the perfect fit!

I drew inspiration everywhere from Turkish vests to dirndls to hobbits to get just the right silhouette on this versatile layering piece which includes instructions for six total sizes XS – 2XL, detailed stitch instructions, and notes on how to modify the front portion and front panel placement for customizing fit – and of course lots of tutorial photos! The Cottage Vest is right at home whether you’re dressing up for Ren fairs, for dancing or just for puttering around the Shire.

Materials Needed:
5.50 mm hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)Lion Brand Pound of Love (#4 weight yarn, 454 g / 1020 yd, 100% Acrylic) – 1 skein
XS-SM: 250 yds
MD-LG: 350-375 yds
XL-2XL: 400-450 yds
(yardage approximated)

4-5 buttons, 1.5 – 2” diameter
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

Finished Measurements (Bust, Length from Collar to Center back point).
XS: 26”, 18”
SM: 28”, 19”
MD: 32”, 21”
LG: 36”,  22”
XL: 40”, 23”
2XL: 44”, 24”

***Note on Sizing: Measurements given are approximate for finished garment laying flat –  this does not take into account the stretch of the piece. The Cottage Vest is designed for an β€œundersized” fit that supports the bust and therefore the measurements for each size’s overall width is made smaller than standard to serve that purpose. However, the pattern easily accommodates how to add more rows to expand the width if necessary; this is written into the instructions for the rounds after the armholes and for the  Front Panels.

Language: English
Pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

I think I must have made about 20 of these things getting the pattern ratios right! The really nice thing about them is that they look great with cheapie acrylic worsted weight yarn, so you don’t have to rush out and get a special yarn or worry much about matching a substitute yarn – what you need is likely already in your stash πŸ™‚

But for now, I’m off to dig in the dirt a little and enjoy this lovely spring weather πŸ˜‰


Leveling Up My Video Game

Over the ten years that I’ve been developing Morale Fiber as a brand and as a business, the internet has changed a lot. Even a digital native like myself can find the ever-quickening pace of online options astounding! Social platforms have exploded in variety, and the media formats available on these apps have come a looooong way, baby.

That’s all wonderful news for people who love to share and socialize on their phones, but for someone who wants to get their art out there for a wide audience to see, it can be a lot to keep up with. Especially since so many of these new platforms now offer or feature video formats, and let me just tell you, I have had a LIFELONG aversion to being videotaped.

Just like when it’s weird to first hear your own voice on a recording, it can be hard for some people to see themselves on video! But with the help of my YouTube channel, I’ve been facing my fears of recording myself – first with my all-hands crochet tutorial videos, then conquering showing my face on camera talking without a script. My latest addition to the video repertoire is something I’ve never tried before – an unboxing video and yarn review πŸ™‚

And you know what? I was shocked (SHOCKED I TELL YOU) to find that I really did enjoy it! Despite my self-consciously sassy tagline, I really hoped people would enjoy the video and like to see my input and my creative voice in a more natural setting. In fact it really didn’t take long for me to try to do it again – this time with an impromptu tutorial on the skirt & waistband sizing on my Elf Coat pattern.

I’ve been experimenting with methods of video recording and with topics of videos, including switching to recording with my phone rather than with my DSLR camera which at this point, is too old to even compete with the video capacity of my phone camera. Recording with my phone also helps make the transfer to social video apps smoother, and I’m working on adding more video content to my Facebook/Instagram pages and even recently started practicing my TikToks! Hooray, this Elder Millenial can stop stressing about not being hip.

Okay, that’s not true. I’ll always be a HuGe DoRk.

At any rate, I hope you’ll check out these new offerings and follow/subscribe to Morale Fiber while I build my skills and as always, continue to crochet until morale improves πŸ™‚

To see all my social media platforms linked in one place, check out my LinkTree!

Speaking of Video Games, have you seen my written tutorial for the Video Game Guy? He’s 100% free and 100% friend shaped πŸ™‚