Lotus Mandala Vest FAQ

Hi everyone! There's been a recent surge in popularity of the free┬áLotus Mandala Vest pattern I designed last summer and I've been getting a lot of questions so I wanted to post this quick little FAQ. I have done my best to get back to everyone who ┬áhad questions (let me know if I missed... Continue Reading →

Batty Kitty Sweater (Rar!)

So you know that feeling when you live in the Midwest in January and you don't see the sun for like three weeks? And the sky just sort of spits rain on you constantly and everything is soggy and gray everywhere you look every day? Okay, maybe you don't know that feeling, but I definitely... Continue Reading →

Tribal T-shirt Fringe Choker

Sometimes I have to burn off my excess creative energy by doing something I can finish quickly! These wild textile jewelry pieces fit the bill, especially since I've been trying to clean my shamefully stuffed craft storage and shredding stockpiled t-shirts is a pretty effective method for me to do that. This tutorial is a... Continue Reading →

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