Big Dumb Cowl

I've noticed some industrious crafters in the Facebook crochet groups I follow have begun their holiday gift crocheting already - props to you guys because I usually don't think about that until about November, and consequently never finish things in time! Fortunately I picked up some super bulky yarn on clearance recently, which is great... Continue Reading →

Quirky Crochet Leaf

I'm hunkered down through yet another day of downpour and thunder, which I don't mind at all because it's generally preferable to a drought and rain helps everything stay nice and green. Such as leaves. And speaking of leaves (as if I didn't purposefully steer the first paragraph to this subject), I've been tinkering with... Continue Reading →

Art Yarn Overload

Thanks to a pro tip from a fellow Instagram spinner, I bought a jumbo bobbin and flyer kit for my Ashford Traveler wheel a few months ago and I have been loving it! Rather than get a whole new wheel for spinning bulky yarns, the jumbo bobbin kit allows me to spin all kinds of... Continue Reading →

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