Ida Shawl Circular Poncho

I've been dying to design an asymmetrical circular poncho for a long time - in fact, it was over a year ago that I started on the first prototype for this new pattern. After much testing, tweaking, and perfecting, the Ida Shawl is finally ready for debut! You can get it in my Ravelry Pattern... Continue Reading →

Chain & Stitch Join Tutorial

The chain & stitch combination join is probably the most-used technique in my yarny bag of tricks; it's also the subject of many of the questions I get about my patterns! I use this end-of-the-round joining technique in the majority of my designs, since it is ideal for openwork circular crochet (my favorite) in which... Continue Reading →

Plum Fairy Dress

As I've mentioned in a few other posts this summer, one of my ongoing goals has been to crack open a few of the crochet patterns I've purchased in the past. I was so excited to add Earth Tricks' pattern for the Pineapple Fairy Dress to this little to-do list! I really admire her designs... Continue Reading →

Cecilia Skirt Belt

Surprise! Here's an extra fun little pattern you can use to really get creative with bells, charms, beads, fabric scraps, and spare funky yarns - the Cecilia Skirt Belt, available in my Etsy Shop , Ko-Fi Shop, and Ravelry Store 🙂 Hope you love it! A ragtag faerie belt made for a midsummer dance session... Continue Reading →

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