After Another Week in the Woods

Holy moly! The good vibes were abound in my latest festival adventure - it's been a few years since I truly vended (as in I had my own fully stocked booth and manned it). Months of dedicated stitching really paid off as I got to make new friends, trade for treasures, and talk about art... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Festival

I've been super busy lately preparing for vending at the annual festival at my home base community - it's a cross between a spiritual celebration and a week long exercise in eating way too much food. I'll be gone from May 25th through the 30th, and during that time all my physical Etsy Shop listings... Continue Reading →

Post Stitch Pixie Hat

I think every yarn twisting mama (or papa) has a few tricks in their repertoire that they favor over others. One of my personal favorite crochet techniques is the post stitch. While this stitch may be daunting at first because you aren't working into the top loops like with most stitches, the results are fantastic,... Continue Reading →

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