Weekend Updates

Just a few quick FYI-type announcements today! I have just released a couple pattern updates which you can read about below! These are things I've adjusted based on feedback from customers that I am excited to have finally gotten done. If you have already purchased these patterns you should be able to download the new... Continue Reading →


It's been about a year since I published my two sister patterns, the Lotus Mandala Duster and the Lotus Circular Vest - crazy right? I mean I'm not sure if I can't believe it's already been a year, or if I can't believe it's only been a year, but either way. Y'know? Anyway, those two freebies continue... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peaks

Now that I've had a full week to catch up on various life-type things, I can post a few fun pictures from my vending adventures! I had a great time camping and drumming and dancing and wheeling and dealing, as usual - I didn't manage to take any photos of myself, but I did get... Continue Reading →

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