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Yay! I love pattern-release days. Designing, creating, writing, modeling, and laying out a crochet pattern is definitely a labor of love – and that makes it so exciting to sit back and look at the final product when it’s all put together. So, I hope you enjoy this new one as much as I do! It’s the Blossom Vest, now available through Etsy , Ko-fi, and Ravelry


This retro-chic granny square vest is what your wardrobe needs for all of your summer adventurings! Whether you wear it over tanks and tees as a vest or lace it up for a sweet halter top, the Blossom Vest is ready to jam.


This pattern can create 4 different vest sizes using sleek and comfortable 100% cotton yarn in #4 weight – with tons of color possibilities, you’ll want to make one for every outfit!


From left to right: X-small, Small, Medium, Large

X-small: 3.50 hk, 5 Rnds – 30” bust, 16” length (measured from top of strap to lowest point on the square)
Small: 5.00 hk, 5 Rnds – 35” bust, 18” length
Medium: 3.50 hk, 6 Rnds – 37” bust, 19” length
Large: 5.00 hk, 6 Rnds – 44” bust, 23” length

Pattern includes tons of tutorial photos for the main pattern, plus bonus tutorials on working all of the less common stitches used in the pattern. A separate Printer-Friendly PDF is also included! Written in US crochet terminology.


3.50 hook, 5.00 hook
4-5 skeins Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Fringe Maker (a book or stiff cardboard will do!)
Blocking board and pins (recommended)

Now it’s REALLY starting to feel like summer! <3


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  1. Talk to me about the belt. Is that tiny crochet squares stitched on to a leather belt? That’s really cute.

    1. Ohh yay I’m glad you noticed! So, I didn’t make that belt, I found it at a thrift store – it’s Lucky brand and it looks like it was originally designed with the squares, not added on by someone. It’s probably my favorite belt though!

  2. This is such a fun summer top! I love the open, laciness of the squares, and relaxing, hip earthy tones. I am a true sucker for granny square projects! While I don’t think this would look very good on me anymore, I do think it would look great over a tank top as well. Pinning.
    I have run a granny square link up all year long, and have reached the last one. Would love if you came to share this, and enter the big, BIG 2017 Yarn Goodies Giveaway 🙂

    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots
    December Challenge:

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