Valkyrie Top Crochet Pattern


It seems to be a running theme with me that sometimes (or often?) projects and designs have a long history of development – way longer than I had intended! With things like the Elf Coat, it’s just a matter of the time it takes to create something technically, stitch by stitch.

With things like the Lotus Duster and the new halter top design, it’s more about idea development and waiting until I’ve mustered the required inspiration and skill to pull something off.

Either way, the process of creation over relatively long periods of time causes me to ruminate on the nature of life, and growth. The other side of this of course is the more serious, and scary, concept of death and the hope of rebirth. I had already decided to name this new crochet piece the Valkyrie Top, after those female warrior spirits in viking myth who rode down from the skies to take the slain to their eternal hall.


Just before I was ready to release this pattern, the theme of death was brought very close to home for me. I can’t say more than this: I hope this new piece makes you and your loved ones feel like the badass female warriors you are – because you all are.

Please look at yourself with love today. Because you are living being on this earth, and that’s magical.



Find the new design now on Ravelry and Etsy


Manifest your inner amazon with the Valkyrie Top, named after those mythical viking women who rode across the sky to retrieve the souls of warriors and take them to their eternal halls.

This cotton halter top crochet pattern is designed for beauty, comfort, and versatility. The subtle shaping in the cups creates a contour on the bust that prevents slippage, while the criss-cross ties on the back keep your halter top in place without adding pressure on the neck.


The netted design and accent motif at the top looks great layered under light summer clothing or all by itself, and the simple shell bottom border is easy to extend for more coverage. Includes sizes Small (Cup sizes A/B), Medium (Cup sizes B/C) and Large (Cup sizes D/DD)!


This digital PDF crochet pattern provides stitch-by-stitch written instructions that include references to 50+ full-color tutorial photos as well as links to the technique tutorials needed for this design that are provided for free on my blog. Create a unique piece that is both flattering and fun to wear – the Valkyrie Top is your perfect summer accessory to slay in!

3.50 mm hook
I Love This Cotton! (#4 weight, 3.5 oz / 100 g, 180 yds) 1,1,2 skeins.
Accent color in #4 weight cotton, about 100-80 yds
Scissors and tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Sizes (approximate):

Small: 21” length, 10” height, Cup sizes A/B
Medium: 21” length, 10” height, Cup sizes B/C
Large: 26” Length, 13” height, Cup size D/DD

~*I offer troubleshooting and pattern help for all of my patterns. All of my paid patterns always come with the right of individual artisans to sell the finished product*~


That awesome matching macrame pendant and bracelet set is by Selinofos Art – check out their shop on Etsy!

The belt I’m wearing in this shoot is a variation on my Cecilia Skirt Belt pattern using old crochet lace and upcycled leather scraps. I have more pixie skirt style belt ideas and free tutorials in my Pixie Pocket Belt blog series.

I had fun doing this photo shoot, despite the 90 degree weather and the 1 billion per cent humidity! The scenery was epic and I got to incorporate more balance poses which I’ve recently been practicing.


Damn that wig was making me sweat though 😀


Feather & Scale Halter Top

I could not be more thrilled to be rolling out my newest design today, brought to you in part by the willingness of my lovely friends to dress up in crazy costumes in the middle of the Indiana summer heat for me 😉


May I present, for your edification and delight,the Feather & Scale Halter Top pattern? I dreamed up this design back in January, inspired by scale mail festival and costume clothing pieces, and have been diligently plugging away on the details all summer!

The crochet pattern PDF is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Pattern Store for 5.95 USD (but there’s a big sale still going on right now, so you can get it for cheaper than that if you hurry before August 1st). Read more about this one-of-a-kind pattern below!


The Feather & Scale Halter Top uses fine variegated cotton blend yarn to create an eye-catching gradient of crocodile stitch scales on the outer top, with a built-in inner cup lining for coverage and support. The cross-back ties keep the weight off of the neck so you can comfortably dance & groove that feathery fringe into motion!


Size pictured: X-Small in Schachenmayr Tahiti

With the dramatic triangle shaping to accent the body’s curves, this halter is both figure flattering and fun to wear – and the pattern is written for FIVE sizes, X-Small – X-Large (corresponding to AA/A – DD cup sizes ).


Size Pictured: Medium in Schachenmayr Tahiti


Size pictured: X-Large in Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow

The pattern is well stocked with all of the details on the techniques needed to create this unique piece, including extensive instructions on creating the crocodile stitch used for the main part of the halter – as well as precise step-by-step written instructions that correspond with nearly 100 tutorial photos! Additionally, I’ve begun to dig into developing some tutorial video skills with this one – be gentle, I’m still very much learning!


3.75 mm hk
Schachenmayr Tahiti, 2 (2, 2, 3, 3) skeins – (#1 weight, 1.75 oz / 50 g per 306 yds, 99% cotton / 1% polyester)
Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow, 1 (1, 1, 2, 2) skeins – (#1 weight, 5.29 oz /150 g per 623 yds, 55% acrylic 45% cotton)
Tapestry needle
6” Length of cardboard, book, or fringe maker

Sizes & Finished Measurements:
X-Small (XS): Underbust length – 15”, Cup height – 6”, Cup Size – AA/A
Small (SM): Underbust length – 17”, Cup height – 7”, Cup Size – A/B
Medium (MD): Underbust length – 19”, Cup height – 8”, Cup Size – C
Large (LG): Underbust length – 21”, Cup height – 9”, Cup Size – D
X-Large (XL): Underbust length – 23”, Cup height – 11”, Cup Size – DD

Extra Credits!: The horns worn by my green dragon top model are from Dark Pony Art, the wire wrap necklace worn by my Rainbow XL top model is from Twisted Forrest Jewelry – please check them out and support small business art!

Models: Daisey Denson, Arika Harris, Katy Sanders ❤

You have reached the portion of the pattern post where there’s just a buttload of photos! Enjoy 🙂



I think this one is my favorite, but it’s actually impossible to choose.

I hope you like this new design! I have done some fantasy-inspired pieces in the past, but I really cranked the staging up to 11 with this one – expect more of that in the future ❤


Plus Size Mehndi Halter Top


Though it’s been two years since I first published the Mehndi Halter Top design, I’ve never stopped wanting to create the plus size version – like I did with the Sol Halter and the Plus Size Sol – but for some reason it just took me a while 🙂 Everything in its own time, amiright? At any rate, the pattern is finally ready and available in my Ravelry Pattern Store and my Etsy Shop for 5.95 USD!


The Mehndi Halter Top pattern draws inspiration from the thick lotus petal motifs, linework, and dot borders in traditional henna design. Made in bright #4 weight cotton yarn, this pom-pom fringed top makes a unique addition to dance costumes, festival wear, or your next beach adventure!

The Plus Size version is designed for bigger busts, utilizing a cross-back tie for adjustability and comfort. The band size is 26” at the bottom of the halter with a height of 10″ from top of cups to bottom of the halter (not including the trim). The cross-back ties are 55″ and thread through loops at the side, taking the weight off of the back of the neck as with traditional halter tops.


As usual, detailed instructions and stitch counts are included in the written pattern, as well was lots of detailed step-by-step photos!

Materials needed:

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton (#4, 3.5 oz/180 yds) – 2 skeins Color A, plus 1 coordinating color
3.50 mm hook
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

All instructions written in English and in US terminology.

I really hope you love making & wearing this one! My goal was to put it out by the end of May, and I’m squeaking it in right under the line 😉 Because I love you! 🙂


Blossom Vest Crochet Pattern


Yay! I love pattern-release days. Designing, creating, writing, modeling, and laying out a crochet pattern is definitely a labor of love – and that makes it so exciting to sit back and look at the final product when it’s all put together. So, I hope you enjoy this new one as much as I do! It’s the Blossom Vest, now available through Etsy and Ravelry for 5.50 USD 🙂


This retro-chic granny square vest is what your wardrobe needs for all of your summer adventurings! Whether you wear it over tanks and tees as a vest or lace it up for a sweet halter top, the Blossom Vest is ready to jam.


This pattern can create 4 different vest sizes using sleek and comfortable 100% cotton yarn in #4 weight – with tons of color possibilities, you’ll want to make one for every outfit!



From left to right: X-small, Small, Medium, Large

X-small: 3.50 hk, 5 Rnds – 30” bust, 16” length (measured from top of strap to lowest point on the square)
Small: 5.00 hk, 5 Rnds – 35” bust, 18” length
Medium: 3.50 hk, 6 Rnds – 37” bust, 19” length
Large: 5.00 hk, 6 Rnds – 44” bust, 23” length

Pattern includes tons of tutorial photos for the main pattern, plus bonus tutorials on working all of the less common stitches used in the pattern. A separate Printer-Friendly PDF is also included! Written in US crochet terminology.


3.50 hook, 5.00 hook
4-5 skeins Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Fringe Maker (a book or stiff cardboard will do!)
Blocking board and pins (recommended)

Now it’s REALLY starting to feel like summer! ❤


Sol Halter Top


Drawing on inspiration from the numerous cute crochet halter tops that pop up on my Pinterest feed, I’ve designed a  free spirited crochet halter top pattern that’s quick, cool, and comfortable!

It’s the Sol Halter Top, available for 5.50 USD on Ravelry or Etsy.


This halter top goes anywhere from beach to festivals to yoga class! The top is designed for coverage and comfort while still feeling free to be your awesome self.

The Sol Halter top is designed for a comfortable, supportive fit that still looks fashionable with any outfit. Looks pretty layered with flowing see-through blouses, denim shorts, or long tiered skirts for a cool bohemian style.

Size Small fits A to lower B cup sizes, size Medium fits upper B to mid- C range cup sizes, with a band size up to about 44” for both sizes (measurement includes tie length – 20” at the bottom of the halter + 12” for each tie)

Pattern includes detailed, step-by-step directions with stitch counts and tutorial photos. Best of all, it only uses one skein of the recommended yarn, making it a cute and super affordable gift for your friends or just for yourself!

Yarn Weight required: #4 Worsted Weight
Hook size: 3.5 mm
Pattern written in US crochet terminology





For bigger cup sizes, check out my Plus Size Sol version of this pattern!



Bindu Recycled Sweater Bikini


When it comes to screaming “beach hippie” I don’t think you can get much louder than the crocheted bikini, and it didn’t take me very long to make one after re-entering the world of crochet in my late teens. Except, because I didn’t know any better seven years ago… I made it out of 100% acrylic. Yikes.

For those of you who don’t know, acrylic yarns do not breathe, and they certainly are not absorbent or fast-drying. So they aren’t the kind of material you want to sweat in. All I’m sayin’ is, crochet yourself an acrylic bikini and prepare for your boobs to suffocate.

Cotton’s the thing.

According to the Cotton Australia website, cotton can absorb up to 27 times its own weight in water, and the fibers actually become stronger when wet. Cotton’s thermal conductivity keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer – in addition to its unique fiber structure that allows ventilation of air. Sounds like good bikini material to me.

I hodge-podged this crocheted bikini top together using recycled cotton sweater yarn and some really tight half doubles. The cup design comes from this wonderful, free bikini halter top pattern from Melissa Bjerregaard on Ravelry.

However, I didn’t really feel like messing with pineapple lace for this one, pretty as it may be. I designed my own edging for the cups. The following is more of a pattern recipe than a pattern. I used a lot of different techniques to make this, so for easy searching I have linked to any instructional material BOTH in the pattern AND in the following list.

Tutorial References:

Pineapple Lace summer halter neck top by Melissa Bjerregaard

Everything You Need to Know to Start Recycling Sweater Yarn by Morale Fiber

Double Chain Tutorial by Morale Fiber

Pom Pom Edge by Once Upon a Pink Moon

Crochet Chart Symbols from Craft Yarn Council

Bindu Cover

Inspiration for this free bikini halter top pattern came from my love of henna designs, the thick lotus-petal shaped motifs, linework and dot borders. Made from recycled cotton yarn, this pom-pom fringed top is earth friendly and perfect for dance class, unique festival wear, or your next beach adventure!


Hook: Use whatever fits your yarn. I used a 2.25.

Yarn: 100% cotton yarn recycled from an old sweater, yarn similar to the following measurements:  #1 weight, 22 WPI, 250 yards (.229 g per yard).

Bikini Recycled Sweater Yarn

Gauge: As tight as you can manage.

A few notes: I really dislike the “bump” under shirts in the back caused by tied bikini straps, so I rigged up a button system to avoid that. The pattern recipe is for regular style straps, so my pictures will differ slightly from the pattern.

I could not find the standard symbols for a few of the stitches I used. For these stitches I included a key in the charts.

1. First, crochet yourself two separate cups using the directions from this pattern.

2. With the wrong side of the cup facing, work a simple filet of (dc, ch 1) up one side of the top of the cup. I started at the bottom right corner and worked a ch 4 (counts as first dc + ch 1), *sk next stitch, dc in the next stitch* rpt.

When you come to the top point of the cup formed by the central 3 hdc cluster, you will work ONE of the following charts to increase. Making the filet increase for this point depends on whether you have an even number of stitches or an odd number.

BikiniEven BikiniOdd

Once you have worked your increase, continue working the filet repeat down the other side of the cup until 2 or 3 stitches from the bottom corner (just make sure you end your repeat on a dc). Without chaining, dc in the 2nd or 3rd stitch from the bottom corner of the next cup, connecting the two cups. Work the edging for the next cup in the same manner as the first. Work the repeat all the way to the corner of the second cup. Cut yarn & fasten off.

3. Double chain (click here for instructions) the length you want your side strap to be. With the right side of the cups facing, begin to single crochet across the bottom of the cup – you will be working stitches into the row edges of the original cup.

I didn’t sc in the edge of every row, because it came out looking too loose- remember that this is going to stretch a bit in places! I didn’t want the bottom of the cups stretching too much (that’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen) so I skipped about every third stitch – experiment and see what looks right to you. When you reach the end of the first cup, ch 1 and continue to sc across the bottom of the second cup using the same ratio.

When you reach the end of the second cup, start a double chain using the last sc as your base. Double chain the same length as your first side strap. Do not tie off.

4. Work 2 single chain stitches at the end of your double chain length. Turning your stitch direction counterclockwise (but not flipping the chain over) work hdc down the back of each double chain stitch, back toward the bikini cup.

Working the back of the double chain toward the cup. Ignore the fact that I have part of my bottom edging on already. For you, the bottom will just be straight.

Working the back of the double chain toward the cup.
Ignore the fact that I have part of my bottom edging on already. For you, the bottom will just be straight.

When you reach the cup, sc in each stitch across (both the dc stitches and the ch-1’s count as stitches here) until you reach the point at the top of the cup. Double chain your first strap from here, as long as you want it. When your strap is the appropriate length, ch 2 and work a hdc in each double chain stitch back down the opposite side of the chain. When you reach the cup point again, resume single crocheting two stitches from the beginning of your double chain.

The strap connecting point should look like this

The strap connecting point should look like this

Sc in each stitch until 3 stitches from the connecting point of the two cups. Ch 2, sk 6 stitches, sc in the next stitch and in each stitch across until you reach the point at the top of the second cup.

The 1st row and the 2nd row of the cup join.

The 1st row and the 2nd row of the cup join.

Work your strap in the same manner as with the first cup, then sc in each stitch until your reach the end of the second cup. Hdc in each double chain stitch of the strap until the end. Cut yarn and tie off.

5. Working with the bottom edge of the bikini, decide where you would like the edge motif to start and end (make sure you still have enough room to tie your straps tight – again, THIS WILL STRETCH SOME, so take that into account). You need a multiple of 5 +1 for the pattern repeat. Place markers at the beginning and end of your range.

Joining your yarn at your beginning stitch, work the following motif pattern within your set range of stitches.

a. Ch 3 (counts as dc + ch 1). *sk next stitch, dc in the next st, ch 1* rpt.

b. Ch 1, turn. Sc in each stitch across.

The bottom stitches are either double chain stitches or single crochet, depending on whether you are working the strap or the bottom of the cup.

The bottom stitches are either double chain stitches or single crochet, depending on whether you are working the strap or the bottom of the cup.

c. *Ch 9, sk 4 sts, sl st in the next st.* rpt

d. Ch 1, turn. *Work (2 hdc, 3 dc, 3 tr, 3 dc, 2 hdc) in the next ch-9 space* rpt.


e. Turn. Sl stitch in the next 7 stitches. *ch 5, work 1 pom pom stitch, ch 5, sl stitch in the middle treble of the next cluster* rpt.


Cut yarn and tie off. Weave in all the ends.

Crochet Bikini 13

Looks a little curly, doesn’t it? This is where blocking comes in. Since this is cotton, you can just dunk the entire thing in some water and soak it for a few minutes, then gently squeeze the water out (do NOT wring it). Lay it out on a towel and arrange it so the hem lays flat. You can pin it down to hold the shape if need be, paying special attention to the points to get a good dramatic silhouette goin’ on. Wait for it to dry and you’re done!



I added some wide wooden beads for a little extra fun by just slipping the strap through them. Now if only my state wasn’t completely landlocked.

If spending a ton of time messing with teeny yarn and guessing cup size is annoying for you, check out the Mehndi Halter Top – a paid pattern inspired by this project but uses #4 weight cotton blend yarns and detailed row-by-row directions in cup sizes from A- 38C!