It’s been about a year since I published my two sister patterns, the Lotus Mandala Duster and the Lotus Circular Vest – crazy right? I mean I’m not sure if I can’t believe it’s already been a year, or if I can’t believe it’s only been a year, but either way. Y’know?

Anyway, those two freebies continue to be my most popular posts these days, so I’ve spent a lot of time making them as good as they can be and as widely available as possible – revising and updating the writing to make it clearer, answering questions, publishing the vest pattern in PDF form (which you can purchase on Ravelry or Etsy – although it’s still free on the blog) and of course making a bunch more of them because I love them!  And, by the way, I have LOVED seeing all the versions that everyone has made of these designs – thank you all for creating art with me! ❤

So here’s some more updates on what I’ve been doing with them lately:

First – I’ve been promising a PDF version of the Duster for some time now, and it’s officially underway and will hopefully be ready to release in the fall. I’m determined to make it very much worth the wait! There’s a couple of aspects of the pattern that I thought needed reworking, and therefore re-testing. Fortunately I don’t mind making these over and over again 😉

This one is called “Joni” (I have taken to naming them all after female singer/songwriters) and it’s been done for a while but until recently I didn’t have a proper picture of it. It’s a size small, for sale in my Etsy shop.


Like the others, this duster is primarily handspun yarn and recycled cotton sweater yarn, lovingly yanked out of it’s original form and restitched by yours truly. I love how the dark blue makes it look a little witchier. I’m not gonna cackle here but I could – I’ve been taking lessons.

Second, I can’t stop making the Lotus Circular Vest with the gorgeous colorways of Shawl in a Ball. That yarn fits the design even better than the yarn I originally designed it with. Except, I like to add little variations when I’m repeating a design, so I experimented with adding sleeves to this version too.


I went for a practical, slender sleeve this time – and it worked out awesome! So guess what I’m working on now? Getting that written out, too 😛 Which actually shouldn’t take too long, so keep an eye out because the Lotus Cardigan Sleeve will be appearing on the blog and as an adjunct PDF file very soon!


AAAaaaand this is what happens when I get tired of making the same four faces when I’m modeling my stuff:




9 thoughts on “Pattern-Versary

  1. Love this pattern so much! I’ve been super busy since the first of the year, so I love getting your posts and dreaming of what I can make after it slows down in August.

    I know what you mean about the same face. Out takes are so much more fun. I love seeing your sweet beautiful face.


  2. Your an AhhhmaZZZZZing Artisan/Designer!!! So looking forward to all the updated versions of these Awesome Patterns… I Love this BLOG!!! Thank You for being HERE! :}


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