Hedge Witch Ruana Coat


I find that when making things in different colors, my ideas and feelings on the design often change slightly or even  sometimes completely transform. That’s why it’s pretty rare that I only make a design in one color!

Such was the case with this project, a variation on my pattern for the Woodsman’s Wife Ruana. I was excited to make the pattern with the Herb Garden colorway because I love the woodsy tones, but when I was finished (which didn’t take long – I forgot how quickly this pattern works up) I felt that it needed a bit more stateliness, something nice and monkishly mysterious. I’m so happy with the way that  these modifications came out that I’m sharing it here for free! You can also visit the Ravelry page for this project where you can find the same instructions in the Notes section.

The original pattern can be found in my Ravelry store or my Etsy Shop for 5.50 USD. Hope you like!


Hedge Witch Ruana Mod

(You will need one more skein than what the pattern calls for to make this mod)

The following are the shorthand instructions for seaming up the sides of the Woodsman’s Wife Ruana to close it into a coat. After seaming, a few simple rows are added around the holes left open at the top to make shortish 3/4 sleeves – because who needs long sleeves trailing around and getting in your potions?

For this coat, I followed the pattern instructions all the way through without deviation. After I was finished with the main pattern, I aligned the front and back so that they were even, then counted 16 stitches down the side from the top of the fold (on the hooded end)

On the 17th stitch, insert hook through BOTH layers of stitching (the front and the back) and attach a new yarn. Flip the garment inside out (so the seam is on the inside of the garment) Slip Stitch 20 stitches down the side through both layers of the coat toward the bottom – you should still have some of the bottom sides left unseamed. Cut yarn and tie off, then repeat on the other side.

For the sleeves, attach new yarn at the 16th stitch from the top fold (working only one layer, RS facing) and work the following sequence around the 32-stitch edge “hole” left open before the seam:
1: (4 sc, 4 hdc, 4 dc, 8 tr, 4 dc, 4 hdc, 4 sc) join with a sl st to the first sc.
2: Rpt 1
3: Ch 2, dc in each stitch around.
4: Rpt 3.

Cut yarn and tie off, repeat for the opposite sleeve.

Next time I will work the side seam from the bottom up so that I can end at the place the sleeve begins and work continuously from there – fewer ends to weave in!

I thought this ruana was cuddly in it’s original form, but damn! This ruana coat style is basically a portable hug from the most comforting person in the world (possibly David Attenborough).



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