Woodsman’s Wife Ruana Update – with Pockets!

This classic pattern of mine from 2015 looked like the perfect project for my consistently-freezing self to whip up a few weekends ago, using a small stash of inherited yarn... believe it or not, I meant to make that face And as I am wont to do, I thought of some things this design needed... Continue Reading →

Wayfarer Ruana

When I began drafting this post over a year ago, it was to take notes on my first attempt at some of the beautiful and colorful knit ruanas I had seen floating around online. Unfortunately for me, that first attempt (which took over a year for me to finish!) just didn't turn out. It happens.... Continue Reading →

Hedge Witch Ruana Coat

I find that when making things in different colors, my ideas and feelings on the design often change slightly or even completely transform. Such was the case with this project, a variation on my pattern for the Woodsman's Wife Ruana. I was excited to make the pattern with the Herb Garden colorway because I love... Continue Reading →

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