Woodsman’s Wife Ruana Pattern

Oh man! Another new pattern from me this month! And I’m totally in love with it. Soft, squishy, chunky Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick and a “P” hook makes this project doable in one cozy autumn weekend…

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Update 11/2020: This pattern has gotten a remodel and an update – click here to read the latest about this design!


The ruana is a traditional style of wrap worn by many cultures including the Celts and the native peoples of the Andes. It consists of one large rectangle with a slit in the front half that allows the wearer to wrap or belt it in a number of different ways. This crocheted version includes a hood as well!

This cuddly ruana feels like a pumpkin spice latte with maple bacon sprinkles, only for your shoulders. The main body is worked flat in one whole piece, while the hood is worked separately in one piece and then seamed together. Made with a super bulky yarn and a “P” hook, this wrap can be finished in one rainy fall weekend (with a hot drink by your side, of course.) Wear it belted, over-the-shoulder, or add buttons or ties for a less open style!

The pattern for this versatile, convertible wrap includes alternate sizing instructions and construction charts, as well as two photo-tutorials for the post stitch and the double chain technique. The Woodsman’s Wife Ruana is a great Easy level pattern for crocheters ready to move on from hats and scarves and includes all the instructions you need to make this fashionable fantasy piece for autumn!

Ruana8 Ruana6 Ruana3 RuanaLogo1 Ruana14

I just barely managed to squeeze in my homework amidst all the pattern editing. Priorities.

EDIT!:  I’ve made a wider version of this pattern with Lion Brand Heartland Thick and Quick and included the notes on how to make it on my Ravelry project page 🙂
ANOTHER EDIT! Instructions for widening are now included in the pattern itself 🙂


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    1. Hi Karen! This pattern is available as a purchasable PDF file and you can find it in the Etsy and Ravelry links that are placed at the top of the blog post 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

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