Plum Fairy Dress

As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts this summer, one of my ongoing goals has been to crack open a few of the crochet patterns I’ve purchased in the past. I was so excited to add Earth Tricks’ pattern for the Pineapple Fairy Dress to this little to-do list! I really admire her designs and you can see more of her work on Ravelry and on Etsy.


I really enjoyed the detailing in the bodice of the dress – lots of shells, lacey spaces, and of course that excellent motif-based racerback design!


I used Premier Cotton Fair in Plum and my gauge was a wee bit shy of correct. However, since the pattern offered lots of advice on customizing the sizing I just went with it and I love how it came out!


I also ran out of yarn (I blew through four skeins which isn’t too shabby for a project like this!) so the pineapples at the hem don’t have their finishing touches, but I don’t think it is too noticeable 😉


I love how the A-line shape is perfect for wearing over a full skirt to really show off the pattern.


Model: Lainy Clayton

I just got my yarn in the mail to start her Calyx Cardigan, and I’ve got a few more new items that will go into a shop update pretty soon, which MIGHT even be accompanied by a sale… if you’re not already following me on Facebook to get the latest updates, you should!


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