The Sweet and the Sass

Recycled Sweater Yarn shawl 1

First there was the unraveling.

Then there was the dyeing.

Ultimately, crochet happened.

So now there is this.

Recycled Sweater Yarn shawl 2

Yep, used to be a boring, unwanted, lonely, sad white sweater. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that sweaters aren’t good enough. Some of my best friends are sweaters. But I could see this sweater was suffering, yearning for a transformation, wanting desperately to better itself.

So I pulled out the lovely yarn (a cotton / wool / synthetic blend) and dyed it in a self-striping colorway, which I have named “Silk and Cherrywood” because the soft, delicate tones remind me of a fancy, old-timey boudoir.

Thinking about how long I spent on this gives me the vapors.

Givin’ me the vapors!

I lightly freestyled Make My Day Creative’s “Atlantic Lace Shawl” pattern, a wonderful free pattern that I featured in my Spring Scarves Pattern Gallery.

The color change lengths came out almost perfectly for this particular pattern, not too patchy as I feared (I don’t usually like that “camo” look in variegated yarns). I also happened to already have beads that matched! Joy! I edited the detail shots to give the most accurate impression of the true colors as possible, since the natural lighting washed out the original color a bit.


And then it was dress-up time! The only context in which I tolerate pink is vintage, so I decided this piece would fit as a sweet 50’s-esque shawl… or a sassy 60’s throwback scarf.



3 thoughts on “The Sweet and the Sass

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