Cobweb Wrap

I've always loved the way that fog reveals through tiny glimmering water droplets the cobwebs that weave together the grasses of a field. These little intricate fiber blobs go unnoticed until the water reflection lights them up, revealing a tiny world of complexity. It was after these shining, tensile treasures that I named my newest... Continue Reading →

Lotus Duster 2.0

Finally! I have been working on rewriting, restyling, tweaking, and expanding this design for ages, and I am so excited it's time to premier the new version for free here on the blog! (or for purchase in PDF - read on for more info). You can get this pattern in downloadable, printable format from my... Continue Reading →

Pearl Ruffled Circular Vest

Just a quick collection of photos and notes from a project I recently finished, while I wait for everything to open this lovely Saturday morning (how come nothing is open before 9:00? I'm awake NOW, dangit) "Pearl" Ruffled Circular Vest I impulse bought 6 skeins of Patons Silk Bamboo, a smooth-as-butter DK weight yarn that... Continue Reading →

Time and Tied

My ideas have seemed a bit dammed up lately, to be honest. Not for lack of inspiration, and not even for lack of time ¬†- okay, maybe a little bit for lack of time. Even though I have tons of time to work on crochet et cetera, it never seems to be enough for the... Continue Reading →

Mandala Tops: A Revision

As a result of crocheting about a gazillion Mandala Tops since February, I've refined and enhanced the pattern into what I think is a much better looking design than my original. And of course, I massively overhauled the PDF to reflect this! I also expanded the drop sleeve add-on and paired it with another add-on... Continue Reading →

Lotus Mandala Duster

After seeing some great circular vests and talking about them with a fellow crocheter last festival, I came home inspired to do something I've had in my notebook for a while - rework my Lotus Throw pattern into a mandala-based circular vest! Which I did, and actually I did twice, which is why this post... Continue Reading →

Sol Halter Top

Drawing on inspiration from the numerous cute crochet halter tops that pop up on my Pinterest feed, I've designed a ¬†free spirited crochet halter top pattern that's quick, cool, and comfortable! It's the Sol Halter Top, available for 5.50 USD on Ravelry or Etsy.   This halter top goes anywhere from beach to festivals to... Continue Reading →

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