Acorn the Fawn

After a full year of knitting this project, I spent 6 hours in May assembling this gorgeous fawn plushie designed by Claire Garland! I was determined to finally take my baby to a festival with me to show off all the hard work I put in. I am not the most seasoned knitter, however I am much more practiced now that I’ve slowly conquered what was, at first, a daunting pattern for me.

I was barely familiar with knitted shaping at the start of this pattern, but the instructions were super solid and with some patience, I knitted my way through all the pieces of this darling deer using the soft and natural alpaca blends recommended by the designer. I’m just a little obsessed with my new woodland friend and can definitely recommend this pattern!

I named her “Acorn” but have been referring to her as “baby” almost exclusively. She was a hit at the festival with young & old alike – though my friends teased me about her being slightly creepy, which is fine with me, I like my dolls a little on the creepy side 🙂 <3 We all had a good laugh about it!

If you have been around this blog for a while you’ll know this is not my first deer-themed project, in fact my preference for all things woodland means I simply couldn’t pass up this sweet fawn knitting pattern even if it meant I had to stretch my brain a little and learn some new skills.

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, she could certainly use a little raccoon friend, don’t you think?


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  1. Your baby Acorn is adorable! Cheers to you for a job well done – and a lovey to treasure forever!

  2. cute little fella!


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