Doing All the Things!

So, the week before Thanksgiving Break was a little nutty, but I managed (with a little foresight and pre-planning) to still get my new Rhiannon Hooded Cowl pattern rolling AND conquer the papers and projects due before the mid-semester holiday.

Here’s a couple of other things I’ve finished up now that the craziness is on hold until the last stretch of the semester.



Super-bulky knit headband! I confess I have been drooling over mega big knitting and wanting to make something rad and chunky, so that’s what I did, using this amazing free knitting pattern from Margo Knits.


I used Martha Stewart Crafts Lofty Wool Blend from Lion Brand, and I just might have to make more. I love the bold oversize style mixed with the classic, simple cable lines in neutral tones that don’t overshadow the stitching.

It sort of reminds me of Swedish Christmas bread or Challah bread! But for your head. If you like this piece but don’t knit, the Braid Crown Earwarmer can be found in my Etsy Shop for a super decent price.


I love this yarn so much I might never do anything with it except for pet it. This is my first “professional” yarn done on my wheel – professional as in having the colors and texture pre-planned as opposed to experimentally cobbling whatever wool was at hand.


4 oz of solid color persimmon merino blend plied against 4 oz of variegated (blue,brown,yellow,orange) BFL blend from the LYS. These are the exact colors I saw all around IU and Bloomington during the long, mild October and early November we had here.

A mild autumn that’s come to an end! Freezing and snow are at hand for this weekend, and I’m planning a break that is crammed full of as much yarn and hearty vegetarian fare as I can manage.  Off to spin all the wool and eat all the gourds!



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