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Thanks for visiting Morale Fiber Blog! If you love the free content and other resources I provide here, consider leaving me a little tip to help support my art! If you’re interested in how this helps support my business, keep reading 🙂

Tip Jar

Consider contributing a small amount to help support the FREE content on Morale Fiber Blog 🙂


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A word about my revenue:

As I mention on my Master List of Paid Patterns, selling pattern PDF files is my main source of business income. If you want to support me, buying my patterns through my Etsy Shop or Ravelry store is a great way to do so and get something awesome you can make in return!

Selling ad space on my blog also provides some revenue, which I need to pay to have the space to store all those nice tutorial images 🙂 Ad space revenue also helps me pay for the yearly subscription (and the daily labor) needed to keep my blog going so you can get the latest updates and sweet freebies! Every time you view my blog page and see an ad, I make a slight fraction of a penny. It’s pretty ugly, but very necessary to keep my blog going.

The Tip Jar provides a third way for me to make enough money to keep making art to share with you – I thought it was a good middle ground for those who really appreciate and support what I do, but can’t afford to buy all my patterns or don’t need to!

Thank you to everyone who supports my art in any way – even just liking, commenting, sharing, crediting, and tagging are appreciated with every fiber of my being!

Just a few of the patterns I have for FREE on Morale Fiber Blog:

See them all on the Free Patterns Page!

<3 – MF

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