Cottage Vest PDF Update & Sale

Have you noticed a "pattern" yet? Every time I update my older PDF's with the new contact info, I debut them in my Ko-Fi Shop on limited-time sale for only $5! Today's PDF update is the Cottage Vest, a dear little design that I debuted last year thanks to SOOOO much hard work from the... Continue Reading →

Cottage Vest

I'm so pleased to have finally arrived at yet another pattern debut! This design has a bit of a backwards history, since it originally started as a draft for a more complicated pattern (much like my Priestess Coat) - but turned out to have such a different silhouette and structure from the final version, I... Continue Reading →

Tattered Fairy Vest

I wind up making a lot of bright pieces because I love playing with color, but I have a personal bias for earthy tones and neutrals (like over half of the things I own are brown. I love brown). So when I was thinking about the color scheme for this Forest Fae Vest pattern I... Continue Reading →

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