Avocado Dye – Batch 1

I love garbage. Let me explain: I love taking things that would otherwise end up in the garbage and using them for something. The feeling of making something useful and valuable out of what would normally be considered disposable brings me great satisfaction. So when I was told I could bring home the rotten avocados... Continue Reading →

Fiber Review: Tussah Silk

I purchased this fiber from Corgi Hill Farm on Etsy, one of my favorite homegrown fiber operations. I personally think their colorways are superior to almost every seller I have seen around the internet - plus they also send me candy, and you just can't beat candy. This 2.1 oz silk top roving came in a simple but lovely dual-tone, chocolate brown with patches of the natural silk color, a very pretty cream with a golden sheen. I couldn't wait to see how it would spin.

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