Partial Shades T-Shirt Yarn Plant Hanger

A great mother’s day gift, especially if made from the grandkids’ old outgrown t-shirts! The color block or ombre look gives interest while the simple stitch pattern makes this a sturdy, uncomplicated project that you can finish in one relaxing weekend morning.

Picture Dump Disguised as Content

Again with the documenting old stuff. This time it's crocheted T-shirt rugs, in three different flavors... MERRY PRANKSTER CATHEDRAL CANDY SHOP I made all of these small-ish circular-ish accent rugs by crocheting around strips of upcycled cotton t-shirt. The method of using worsted weight yarn to crochet around the t-shirt is a lot more effective, time... Continue Reading →

The Sweet and the Sass

  Yep, used to be a boring, unwanted, lonely, sad white sweater. Don't get me wrong, it's not that sweaters aren't good enough. Some of my best friends are sweaters. But I could see this sweater was suffering, yearning for a transformation, wanting desperately to better itself. So I pulled out the lovely yarn (a... Continue Reading →

Playing With Color

Yesterday was the nicest day so far this year, and I woke up with a mission. Okay, I woke up, drank two cups of coffee, and THEN I had a mission: dying the recycled sweater yarn I've been sitting on for months. It's not the same yarn as from my Recycling Sweater Yarn Tutorial, but... Continue Reading →

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