Elf Coat: Pointed Pockets

First things first! To see all available sizes of the FREE Elf Coat pattern, as well as all the available add-ons to this design, please visit the Elf Coat FAQ page for links <3 During the process of updating the original Elf Coat Pattern, I decided it was finally time to make an Elf Coat... Continue Reading →

Morel Mushroom Pouch

Here in the Midwest the hunt is on for morel mushrooms, the prized wild fungus often referred to as the "steak" of mushrooms. It's been a great spring for them, with my friends and coworkers reporting big scores - so morels have definitely been on my brain lately. I've been making these cute crochet versions,... Continue Reading →

Pixie Belt PDF

Just popping in for a quick reminder that my Pixie Pocket Belt tutorial is now available in downloadable, portable, printable, ad-free form! Head over to my Etsy Shop , Ko-fi Shop, or Ravelry Pattern Store to get it <3 <3 <3 Thanks for visiting and supporting - the free version is still available on my... Continue Reading →

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