Lotus Video Tutorial Part 6

It's finally time to debut the finishing video for the Lotus Mandala Duster pattern - Part 6, the Sleeves! I'm very happy with the response from this video series and am looking forward to exploring more video tutorial goodness so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you can catch all the latest... Continue Reading →

Huntress Sweater Dress

Taking a moment today to picture-bomb you with one of my more recently completed projects, the Huntress sweater dress - made from my Flower Child Pullover pattern of course! I'm enjoying the large window I have in the front room of my new place that lets in lots of light for photography so I don't... Continue Reading →

Lotus Duster 2.0

Finally! I have been working on rewriting, restyling, tweaking, and expanding this design for ages, and I am so excited it's time to premier the new version for free here on the blog! (or for purchase in PDF - read on for more info). You can get this pattern in downloadable, printable format from my... Continue Reading →

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