Ivy Crown Free Crochet Pattern

Free crochet pattern for a pretty floral DIY Ivy Crown

Tribal T-shirt Fringe Choker

Sometimes I have to burn off my excess creative energy by doing something I can finish quickly! These wild textile jewelry pieces fit the bill, especially since I've been trying to clean my shamefully stuffed craft storage and shredding stockpiled t-shirts is a pretty effective method for me to do that. This tutorial is a... Continue Reading →

Stone Cold Charming

Does anyone else here have a Magpie-like tendency to grab shiny objects and stow them away? Tiny animal charms, small bells from wedding decorations, bits of broken jewelry (sometimes my own, sometimes from things I have found on the ground), smooth rocks... all stacked in old tea caddies and desk organizer trays in my drawers,... Continue Reading →

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