Forest Girl Beret Free Crochet Pattern

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been geeking out about Mori Kei ("forest style"), one of many fascinating Japanese street styles. I mean... combining forest themed accessories, layered skirts, and crochet/knitwear? Plus crazy socks?? Sign me up. And of course, my proclivity for putting horns on things fits right in. So when I... Continue Reading →

Krampus Hat Free Pattern

There's a lot of pretty cool stuff in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, but one of the most outstanding in my opinion is the annual Krampus Night put on by the awesome people at the Krampus Legend and Arts Workshop (K.L.A.W). A better explanation of Krampus Night and American versions of this traditional European event... Continue Reading →

Stuff I Made

This blog has been dead air lately, which is in my humble opinion INCREDIBLY LAME. The spirit is willing but the time allotment is pretty weak, what with school and final projects and such. I have still been stitching away however, mostly on custom pieces and gifts, so at least I have some pictures to... Continue Reading →


Even though it's still basically a big humid griddle outside, there have been murmurs abound containing dangerous and possibly spiced autumn themes. Which means the time for SQUISHY BULKY COZY AMAZINGNESS is approaching!   With this in mind, I got busy with my 6.00 mm hook and whipped up a bunch of these faux fur... Continue Reading →

Post Stitch Pixie Hat

I think every yarn twisting mama (or papa) has a few tricks in their repertoire that they favor over others. One of my personal favorite crochet techniques is the post stitch. While this stitch may be daunting at first because you aren't working into the top loops like with most stitches, the results are fantastic,... Continue Reading →

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