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Questions regarding my pay patterns (or any of my patterns really!) can be posted here in the comments.

As of right now I am online and available almost every day, and if I can’t answer your question immediately I will make it my top priority to do so. Thank you so much for supporting me by buying my patterns!


442 thoughts on “Pattern Help & Support

  1. Hello there, I have just started another Elf Coat (I’ve made 2 already), I love this pattern. I am having trouble getting the right guage though. Width-wise it’s all ok, but length-wise I’m way out. ie the length of the simple wedge is coming out nearer 25 inches instead of 17.5 inches. And this does seem to affect only the wedges – the bodice, sleeves etc are fine. I would like to shorten the “skirt” part however, so would it be ok to reduce a few rows per wedge without spoiling the general shape of the flare? I was ok with the previous 2 coats being longer, but I would like this one to be shorter/closer to the pattern measurements. (I’m assuming this is my tension at fault, the yarn is King Cole Pricewise acrylic double knitting, 320 yards per 100 gr.). Thank you.


    • Hi Eileen! That’s a great question – short answer is yes, you should be able to reduce the wedge length by 2-4″ by taking out 8 – 16 of the non-increase rows that are worked in the first parts of the wedges. I advise taking the length from the top, as if you reduce the length lower down you may alter the flare shape a little too much – but I’m not positive as I haven’t tried it yet! 🙂 The gauge can be especially tricky on the wedges because they have shorter widths at the top, and TKS tends to “shrink” widthwise and lengthen sometimes due to the structure of the stitches, the thinner the piece the more dramatic the shrink will be – so that’s my guess as to why your wedges are too long but the bodice is fine! 🙂 I’m so glad you like the pattern and please do let me know if you have any other questions!


      • Hello,

        Thanks so much for that – it is a relief to know that the fault is only 85% mine 😁. I can now see how to reduce the length a bit. I do love all your patterns – they are so well written, and knowing that you are on hand for queries such as this is a huge plus. They also fill a gap in the market. Shops (in the UK) only seem to sell patterns for the “old” standards, ergo, if you have an ancient pattern book (of which I have several) you already have everything you need in that line!

        So. thank you again and do – please – keep up the fabulous work 🤗



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