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Questions regarding my pay patterns (or any of my patterns really!) can be posted here in the comments.

As of right now I am online and available almost every day, and if I can’t answer your question immediately I will make it my top priority to do so. Thank you so much for supporting me by buying my patterns!



140 thoughts on “Pattern Help & Support

  1. is there any chance of any video of the lotus mandala circle vest – sleeves – and the Stevie being made??? I cannot make heads or tails of the instructions at all – confusing to me. Video instructions would be most helpful and I can stop frogging my attempts to make the vest. I would love to have a finished product. I love the way the center of yours is – it is not as bulky as all the others I have watched, and yours hangs better.


    • Hi Sandra! I have given permission for one or two other crocheters to make a video tutorial for the Mandala vest – I assume you’ve seen the one linked in the post, but I’ll throw the link in here anyway:

      I don’t give permission for the lotus duster pattern, though the central mandala is the same until Rnd 16 so the video for the vest would help for the duster as well. I’d like to do a video for the duster myself, but I can’t say yet whether I will for sure.

      One tip I can give for how the duster and the vest “hang” is yarn choice – I usually use thin, natural fiber yarns for these. Acrylics or thicker wools are not usually good at getting the drape right.


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