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Questions regarding my pay patterns (or any of my patterns really!) can be posted here in the comments.

As of right now I am online and available almost every day, and if I can’t answer your question immediately I will make it my top priority to do so. Thank you so much for supporting me by buying my patterns!



302 thoughts on “Pattern Help & Support

  1. Hi regina, I am working on your elf coat pattern and my hood isnt matching up to the body of the sweater. I made it in small size and the hood sides end just past the shoulder seams… should I try bumping up the good a size? Would that fix it? My counts are all correct.
    Thanks, christy


    • Hi Christy! You could definitely add more rows to the hood in order to get it to reach further along the collar of your coat, but I’m curious as to why it’s not matching up – if you would be interested in sending me a picture via my FB business page, I’d love to take a look! If not, I can say that counting the number of rows to seam up the hood can be tricky, and it’s very easy to miscount the number of rows seamed (due to increases and stretch on the sides of the hood, etc) so that would be the first place I would look for what went awry. If you won’t want to add more rows to the hood, you could always unseam a few rows down on the back of the hood to allow it to reach further across the collar.


  2. Hi! I’m working on the elf coat, and I’ve just finished putting everything together but the hood, and I found that the coat sits on me in a way that it won’t close regularly. Is there anything I can do to make it close like a regular, comfortable coat?


    • Hi Ania – do you mean that the coat isn’t closing across the front? If so, you can add extra rows of the front border that is added on after you attach the hood to give the garment more coverage across the front. If you are having problems with the fit, I would double check your hood proportions as well before actually sewing it on πŸ™‚


  3. Hallo
    I like this elf coat and would like to knit in size S (I cannot croching….
    ) Is there any possibility to get the knitting pattern? It would be gerat


  4. Hello, I am making the Krampus hat and I was wondering if I could make the horns curve around the ears instead of pointing back and up. Thank you for your amazing patterns and your amazing work.


    • Hi Kasey! I don’t have an exact idea on how to do this, but it’s definitely possible πŸ™‚ Part of what makes the horns curve is the placement of different heights of stitches on each round. So, after you have worked the first set of rounds that make the horns curve by alternating hdc, sc, and slip stitches, you may want to try working all the rounds in the same height of stitch. This will help straighten it out after you get the amount of curve you want.
      There are also a few other styles of crochet horns out there on the internet, you may want to try a search – the kind of horn you are looking for may already have a pattern written for it. πŸ™‚

      Good luck!


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