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Here’s the master list of every Morale Fiber Pattern that is available for purchase as a downloadable, portable, ad-free PDF! Some of these patterns are also available for FREE on my blog – click the links to the pattern pages in the titles below the image to find out more about each individual design and where it is available.

OR go directly to my Etsy Shop , Ko-Fi Shop, or Ravelry Store to peruse & purchase!

Paid patterns are the primary source of income for my art – thank you to everyone who supports Morale Fiber by buying my patterns! You make it possible for me to keep designing! <3

Ushanka Hat & Trapper Bucket Hat Pattern Pack

Batty Kitty Sweater

Mandala Tam

Babushka Cowl

Fortune Teller’s Shawl

Domovoy Cap

Wizard Hat

Kismet Halter Top

Elf Coat Plus Size

Cottage Vest

Rambler’s Mitts and Armwarmers

Oak Sprite Hat

Priestess Coat

Novella Shawl

Mori Beret

Kismet Poncho

Acanthus Top

Cobweb Wrap

Forest Guide Hat

Embla Vest

Tree of Life Mandala Wall Hanging

Rhiannon Convertible Cowl

Vintage Derby Hat

Elf Coat Pattern (All Sizes) PDF

Basic Bralette & Curvy Bralette Mod

Valkyrie Top

Pixie Belt Tutorial PDF

Daydreamer Poncho

Feather & Scale Halter

Feather & Scale Halter Top

Plus Size Mehndi Halter Top

Window Box Sweater

Spiral Sweater

Krampus Hat

Sylphie Dragon Hat

Lotus Duster 2.0

Ida Shawl Circular Poncho

Cecilia Skirt Belt

Shaman Coat

Trickster Hood

Freewheelin’ Poncho

Blossom Vest

Plus Size Sol

Flower Child Pullover

Lotus Mandala Vest

Mehndi Halter Top

Filigree Lace Cap

Sol Halter Top

Deer Hat

Mermaid Mitts + Sandals

Winter Poncho

Gnome Toboggan


Woodsman’s Wife Ruana

Mandala Top


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