Mango Punch Fractal Ply

Just some good old fashioned yarn peeping today! I just listed this fractal ply merino in my Etsy Shop. It was glorious to spin. I need to dye some more of that merino! I have a braid, but it's off limits because it's also for sale. Good thing I just ordered some killer Targhee... but... Continue Reading →

Winter Updates!

I disappeared into an intense bout of spinning lately, trying out my new colorway with a fractal ply to test the harmony of the colors. It turned out GORGEOUS, and pictures will be shared as soon as I'm done setting the twist. The second run of the colorway, "Mango Punch" is officially available in my... Continue Reading →

Doing All the Things!

So, the week before Thanksgiving Break was a little nutty, but I managed to still get the¬†Rhiannon Hooded Cowl pattern rolling AND conquer the papers and projects due before the mid-semester holiday.   Super-bulky knit headband! I confess I have been drooling over mega big knitting and wanting to make something rad and chunky, so... Continue Reading →

Into the Mystic

Um.... so this happened. Meet Mystic, my gently used secondhand Ashford Traveler. She was sitting just so prettily on display near the front entrance of my LYS, Yarns Unlimited, at a price that I wasn't going to be able to beat online or elsewhere. The helpful woman behind the register told me this beauty was... Continue Reading →

2-Ply or Not 2-Ply?

So far my spinning accomplishments have limited myself to singles (one-ply yarns) for multiple reasons. One is that I adore singles for their neat, sleek appearance and the wonderful stitch definition you get from them, as well as the beautiful way colors pop on a single-ply strand. Witness! Another reason I have remained single-ply is... Continue Reading →

Fiber Review: Tussah Silk

I purchased this fiber from Corgi Hill Farm on Etsy, one of my favorite homegrown fiber operations. I personally think their colorways are superior to almost every seller I have seen around the internet - plus they also send me candy, and you just can't beat candy. This 2.1 oz silk top roving came in a simple but lovely dual-tone, chocolate brown with patches of the natural silk color, a very pretty cream with a golden sheen. I couldn't wait to see how it would spin.

Spin Cycle

Ladies, I won't mince words here. There's a certain time of the month where I want to do only two things (okay, well, only two fiber related things; sleeping and whining do not count)... ...destroy sweaters and spin yarn. That's right, PMS means I can't be having with this whole "designing patterns" and "dealing with... Continue Reading →

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