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Although my slogan is “Until morale improves, the crocheting will continue,” this blog is about everything to do with fiber art, not just crochet exclusively. Crochet was my gateway craft, but you might also find knitting, spinning wool, dyeing fiber, felting, sewing, refashioning, and more!

I began writing and publishing here so that I could have one main journal where I could share everything I created, and over the last 5-6 years have developed a big catalogue of free content. I’m particularly interested in offering free crochet patterns as an alternative to purchase-only PDFs because I love being a part of the crochet community and want to make quality content available to everyone – plus I love seeing what you make! 🙂 To find links to my main offerings, check my Home Page.

About Me

I started crocheting when I was about 10  (thanks  Mom!) and took it up seriously when I was 19 – over the years I have discovered that I really enjoy the creativity & challenge of creating my own crochet designs.

Morale Fiber started in 2011 as I began to sell my handiwork at small festivals. In January 2015 I started selling my original designs online and blogging about my art. I draw my inspiration from folklore, costuming, subculture fashions, and the beauty of the natural world.

I live in Bloomington, Indiana where (when not hunched over surrounded by hooks and needles with yarn in my teeth) I also enjoy reading fantasy, mythology & classic literature, cooking, jogging & dancing, going to festivals, and playing with small mammals (human or otherwise). I graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s in the Liberal Arts.

Usage Information

All images and written material on this blog are intellectual property of me, Regina Weiss of Morale Fiber, unless otherwise stated. No images or written material from this website or any of my PDF patterns may be reproduced or transmitted to another person without my permission. You may sell handmade items made from my patterns under the condition that you are:
1. Linking back to my blog/shop and giving written credit
2. An individual artisan and not a large company/collective
3. Using your own images

Please remember that if you like my designs and want to see more, I need the support that I get from pattern sales and website views –  linking back to me when selling my designs keeps my business going!

~* Thank You! <3 *~

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