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It seems like it’s been forever since I finished a Pixie Pocket Belt, and maybe it has been… two years? Something like that! Anyway this post is mostly just pretty pictures of my newest Pixie Belt including links to my Pixie Pocket Belt tutorial guide which is free on my blog!

This gorgeous Sassafras Pixie Belt just went up for SALE in my Ko-Fi shop! You can buy the actual belt featured in this post by clicking the link in the previous sentence. You can also support my art by buying the portable, ad-free PDF version of the Pixie Belt Tutorial mentioned in this post, which gathers all parts of the tutorial guide into one comprehensive file ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sassafras Pixie Pocket Belt is a finished piece of wearable crochet art fit for faerie royalty! I created this belt from carefully selected yarn remnants in a lush autumnal color scheme to match the long, flowy golden silk fabric. The golden skirt portion is upcycled, 100% silk which is hemmed, then hand-sewn and crocheted onto the yarn belt, along with an overlapping sample of lightweight brown lace.

The main belt itself is sturdy acrylic reinforced with decorative handspun wool stitched along the length to prevent warping and to secure the uniquely designed, nature inspired pockets. They are designed to creatively reflect the aesthetics of nature in autumn and are all attached at two points to the belt itself. Each pocket features button-and-loop closure to keep your treasures safe. An additional mushroom shaped pouch is included which is removable and can be worn around the neck – the toadstool cap slides upward on the cord to reveal a hollow stem in which to store lighters, chapstick, crystals, etc!

The length of the belt is long, which can be worn around an inclusive range of waist sizes by overlapping or by using the smaller cord to cinch the belt like a drawstring. The middle back is pointed with extra skirt gathering for a slight bustle effect, accented by a golden disc that shines like the autumn sun.
Total belt length: 60″ – total length covered by the skirt portion – 30″
Materials – mixed fibers including acrylic, wool, and silk
Hand wash / spot clean only <3

I had that lovely silk piece in my upcycling stash for a long time, saved with just such a belt as the Sassafras in mind. It was a joy to put this one together! Here’s a rundown of which parts of the tutorial I used: The circle pocket is made in the style of my one-piece circle pocket, the pointed pouch is of course the pointed pouch tutorial, and the square pocket is one long rectangle, folded over and seamed at the sides.

When I first started making these pixie pocket belts based on other similar designs I’d seen around the internet, many people requested a pattern! But I didn’t want to make a pattern that would result in the exact same pixie belt every time, since I enjoyed making each one with its own unique look. So my tutorial is more of a recipe that illustrates how to create the shapes and put them together, while also leaving room for glorious experimentation! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen some really inspiring and amazing pixie belts made from this tutorial over the years, and it’s so rewarding to see people enjoying them – so please do keep tagging me on Instagram with all your Morale Fiber projects <3 and thank you!


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  1. Is that mushroom pouch made with the same pattern as previous ones? It looks so much larger- especially the cap! Is it a trick of the photo or did you do something different?

    1. That’s a great question! I didn’t follow a pattern for this example of the mushroom, but I make them all pretty much the same with slight variations – along the lines of my free mushroom pouch tutorials here on the blog. I think the size of the cap is mostly due to the size of the yarn this time! It was definitely a chunky yarn ๐Ÿ™‚

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