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Mandala Tam Re-release


Or is it a re-re-release? Since I drafted the written pattern for this design in 2015 as a paid pattern, the Mandala Tam has been through several iterations and edits, but I’m so pleased with the latest version. Having offered it for free since 2017, it’s time this favorite design of mine returned to PDF availability!

You can grab the PDF crochet pattern for the Mandala Tam in my pattern stores via Ravelry, Etsy, or Ko-fi! There’s a special introductory price on my Ko-Fi platform exclusively, so head there to get $2 off the price until August 15. You can also get the same instructions for FREE by following this link to my original free pattern blog post. 🙂

[I’m pictured here wearing a pendant wire-wrapped by my good friend @paliquinn, check out his work on Instagram]

It’s the perfect time of year for it too, as I always return to this style of hat around late summer and early autumn – for good reason. Slouchy style hats are so perfect for tucking hair into to escape muggy, frizz-inducing heat or early morning chill on damp tresses, two primary features of the season. I also used to wear these kinds of hats often to classes when I was at college, since they were so practical and kept my hair out of the shoulder straps of my bags! Here’s the info on the latest update to this project:

The Mandala Tam pattern includes two different sizes of hat, a Small netted cap for those with less hair, and a Large mesh tam that can fit quite a lot of locks inside! This is an easy project with a quick finishing time that makes a really useful and pretty little accessory. The button & strap decoration is optional, if you leave it off you won’t need the 6.50 size hook listed in the materials.

Materials: 5.00 mm hook, 6.50 mm hook – (If not making the optional button & strap decoration at the brim, 6.5 mm hook is not needed)

Yarn: Any #4 weight yarn, around 200 yards –Recommended yarn is Red Heart Unforgettable (#4, 100 g / 270 yds, 100% acrylic). Lion Brand Landscapes is also an excellent choice!

Main Gauge: 3 ½” in diameter (edge to edge measured across the center) at the end of Rnd 3
Post Stitch Gauge: 6 sts = 2” in FPDC/BPDC pattern
Make sure to check your gauge and use hook size needed to obtain gauge listed.

Sizes & Finished Measurements:
This hat design has a Small size and a Large size! The brim size is the same, but the length of the back of the hat is different depending on how much hair you’d like to tuck in there
Small (Somewhat Slouchy): 22” brim, 8-9” depth, 8” diameter laid flat.
Large (Very slouchy): 22” brim, 11-12” depth, 10.5” diameter laid flat.

I have a number of other similar hat designs that are slouchy and generally tam or beret shaped – here’s a peek! First is the Leafy Tam, free or PDF <3

There’s the super-cute Mori Beret, paid PDF, with a bunch of foresty customization options <3

The Filigree Lace Cap is a really elegant mesh style cap with more delicate netting, featuring my popular Lotus Mandala for the center motif!

One of my most challenging themed hats, the Oak Sprite Acorn Cap, is available for FREE with full video instructions, or as a paid PDF!

If you’ve made it this far into my obligatory self-promotion, be rewarded with news of yet ANOTHER sale! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen me feature my Yggdrasil Poncho recently – the PDF for this unique design is currently (through the end of August) also $2 off exclusively on my Ko-Fi Shop platform!

I’ve been offering more sales via Ko-Fi as an encouragement to purchase through this great website, which allows me to pay a small reasonable annual fee in order to make sales of my patterns without paying commission fees to the website for each individual sale. This results in a better profit for me, which is great because as an online artist, just about everyone gets a cut and all those little fees add up fast 🙂

This is a great time to say another big THANK YOU to all the amazing fiber artists out there who work my designs and share their beautiful skill with the world! Keep tagging me on Insta, I love love love seeing all your amazing work and tagging me in your projects definitely helps keep sales and views up! <3


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