Fortune Teller’s Shawl

Even though the original idea was a very straightforward and simple openwork shawl, I pulled in a lot of unconventional design elements to create my newest full length premium pattern! Inspired by a love song from one of my favorite albums, the Fortune Teller’s Shawl is a versatile crochet project that contains plenty of hidden surprises.

You can get this premium design in a portable, printable, ad-free PDF through my Ravelry Store, Ko-Fi Shop, or Etsy Shop now <3 Keep reading for the full details on this project!

[Above – Lyrics from Robert Plant & Alison Krauss’s “Fortune Teller” on the album Raising Sand]

Fortune Teller’s Shawl

The Fortune Teller’s Shawl is constructed in double crochet and chain mesh with a stitch structure that flows and drapes beautifully, especially in soft multi-strand cotton blend sport weight. This design contains something for every skill level with size options from cute triangle kerchief headband to full size dramatic evening shawl. Larger shawl projects have the option of including the gorgeous vintage rose graphic, a modified take on traditional filet crochet that creates a subtle vision of romance.

Crocheted bottom-up and with 4 different size options outlined in the instructions, this PDF pattern has all the photographs, charts, and detailed written instructions typical of my premium patterns. For those who have never tried filet crochet, the first 6 rows of the optional filet graph design are written out step-by-step so crocheters can easily learn to read the chart!

3.25 mm hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Hobbii Azalea ( #2 weight, 200 g / 7.0 oz, 874 yds, 52% cotton 48% acrylic): 1 skein for all smaller sizes, 2 skeins for the Full size with fringe or Simple size with fringe
Locking stitch markers (at least 3)
Scissors and Tapestry needle
Width of cardboard for making fringe or tassels (optional)

Finished Measurements (approximate, from smallest to largest, pictured below in order)
Bandana Size: 22 rows total or until length reaches 10” tall tip to flat top, 18” across top side.
Triangle Bandana Scarf Size: 39 rows total or until length reaches 20” tall tip to flat top, 36” across top side.
Mini Shawl Size: 60 rows total or until length reaches 30” tall tip to flat top, 52” across top side.
Simple Shawl Size: 82 rows total or until length reaches 35” tall tip to flat top, 80” across top side.
Full Shawl: 42” from point to top flat edge, 95” corner to corner across the top flat edge

Thanks a million to my beautiful model Daisey Denson (in the teal) – believe it or not this elegant lady produces a bunch of awesome Clown Girl content and Twitch streams video games in themed clowncore looks. She’s a talented artist too – she made that floral crown she’s wearing specially for this shoot and designs embroidery as well. Check her out at @DandyFlowerTrash on Instagram 🙂

The dress Daisey is wearing for this shoot is an original refashion design of mine – I dyed, cut, and resewed a bunch of different garments to create an original shabby romantic gown, and you can read more about that project on my blog post here.

Special thanks to the Etsy shop where I scored the amazing vintage Gunne Sax dresses in the pink themed & black themed shawl pictures, I highly recommend Sage Thyme Vintage!

Thank you so much as always for the incredible words of encouragement and the support of my art <3 I think I see another free blog pattern in the near future? Fear not… I have another design in the works already! Until morale improves, the crocheting will continue 😀


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  1. The shawl is stunning. But I’m so glad you mentioned the dress and introduced us to Daisey because my second thought was how beautiful the dress is with that shawl and how your model looks like fairy princess. I so love looking at your photos and your creations. You are truly a talented individual. Thank you for sharing with us.

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