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Spiral & Novella Updates and Sale


Sometimes I get artists’ block. Sometimes, I get artists’ block and then try to push through it and then dive-bomb into burnout.

That’s about where I’ve been recovering from for most of 2022 – after the pandemic and all the life-y things that happened since, I feel like a crispy plant that’s just starting to drink water from its roots again. I’ve been using this semi-down-time to update all of my existing PDF crochet pattern files with my new direct contact e-mail (, as well as standardizing the layouts as much as possible and adding all these shiny updated files to my new shop and patronage platform, Ko-Fi!

Pictured above: The Spiral Sweater, now on sale through October 1 exclusively on Ko-Fi

Updating files is not as satisfying as creating whole new full-length patterns, but it does help with the burnout aspect a bit because I get to revisit some of my favorite designs and remember why I love it in the first place 😉 The Novella Shawl just went up in the shop today, a favorite project of mine because of how much fun I had imagining a backstory for it. That’s my emotional support apocalyptic fantasy heroine!

It also has been nice offering so many sales. Every time I add patterns to my Ko-Fi Shop platform, I’ve put them on sale for $5 instead of the usual price for a limited time, so that supporters have a chance to get a pattern they’ve wanted at a good deal, and also incentivizes people to get familiar with Ko-Fi.

Ko-Fi is a website I’m really excited about getting going because it combines the donation and subscription capabilities of Patreon along with the shop-front convenience of Etsy, and most importantly it provides me the greatest amount of profit for my product because they do not take a percentage of my sales (Paypal still does though). I mention this because lots of people have asked in the past which platform is best for me so that they can purchase where I get the most benefit (so sweet… crafters are such wonderful souls).

I’m looking to expand more on the Ko-Fi website in the future, and in general I’m excited about how I’ve envisioned Morale Fiber moving forward! Once all of my PDF files have been updated and added to the new shop by the end of the year, I feel like I’ll be in a great place to start fresh and leave my burnout far behind, having learned some important lessons from it of course 😉

If you want to stay tuned for the rest of the pattern update sales this year, follow me on Ko-Fi! I saved some of the best ones for last 😉

The Yggdrasil Poncho
The Flower Child Pullover


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