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Priestess Coat Update & Sale


It’s a wrench to announce the reason for my latest pattern update & sale: one of my favorite yarns EVER is going out of production! Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball appears in lots of my projects over the years, but I think it’s qualities really are the star of the Priestess Coat. I wanted that design to be like a cape or a mantle, something dramatic and a bit ostentatious, warm without being too thick so that there would be a slightly floaty quality to the voluminous bottom (hee hee).. SO ANYWAY I loved Shawl in a Ball, and Shawl in a Cake, for that purpose and the metallics option was so pretty in the original piece too.

To give everyone a chance to work this piece in whatever yarn they desire, including the still (at the time of this writing) findable Shawl in a Ball, I’m adding the Priestess Coat crochet pattern PDF to the Ko-Fi shop on sale early! And because I know yarn is expensive, I’m putting this design at an EVEN LOWER sale price of $3 until August 1st <3 <3 <3 YAY

The reason I keep updating these PDFs is both to put my new business e-mail in place and to introduce each design into my Ko-Fi shop – my new platform on Ko-Fi enables me to sell stuff in my shop exactly like Etsy, but without paying a percentage of each sale. Instead I pay a small fee yearly to be a Ko-Fi supporter. This platform is also set up for donations to the artists that use it, as well as for subscriptions and member exclusives though I haven’t done any of those yet 😉 Long story long, this platform is a good deal and I think more people should know about it.

I’ve had to be choosey about my time and energy lately, as life is very busy these days! As a result, I’ve closed some of my formerly run social media avenues, such as my Facebook group, Patreon, and Tik Tok. I find that too much social media, even when it’s for a great purpose such as running stuff for Morale Fiber, can be really damaging to my attention span and willpower. I work better when I spend more time off-screen 🙂

So in that spirit, I’m going to leave you to peek at that nice sale while I scooch off, gardening and stitching await!


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