Cottage Vest PDF Update & Sale

Have you noticed a “pattern” yet? Every time I update my older PDF’s with the new contact info, I debut them in my Ko-Fi Shop on limited-time sale for only $5! Today’s PDF update is the Cottage Vest, a dear little design that I debuted last year thanks to SOOOO much hard work from the pattern testers.

I’ve also been making new examples as I update some of these patterns, since I enjoy creating new versions from designs past. It gives me a chance to refresh them in my brain, which is necessary since I have over 80 patterns at this point and it’s good to have them sorta recently in my brain for when people ask me questions šŸ˜› Today’s variation is the Cottage Vest worked in luxurious Malabrigo Rios, with darling little coconut shell heart buttons.

I definitely messed this one up (even though I frogged the beginning twice) so it’s a bit smaller than standard, but luckily even with the miscounting (and gauge-ignoring) the pattern is written flexibly enough that I didn’t have to frog again once I decided to just roll with the mistake šŸ˜‰ That’s what I get for chatting and trying to follow a pattern at the same time!

Pairing these cottagecore hobbit vests with vintage dresses is my favorite, although they look great over just about any type of outfit in my opinion. Here’s a few more examples:

Bottom left photo is also pictured with my Gnome Toboggan pattern, Bottom right is also pictured with my Cobweb Wrap pattern.

The Malabrigo is always a pleasure to work with, but I personally think that plain old cheap acrylic worsted weight is the best for these vests as the yarn is thick and sturdy enough to meet the gauge and hold the shape at the same time. I still aim to make some pretty faerie vests with upcycled cloth skirting out of this design sometime soon! I’ve been doing more sewing-crochet garment melding, but I’ll have more on that when I return from the woods where I’ll be camping out this week, selling my wears and wearing myself šŸ˜‰

Hurry and get your $5 copy of the Cottage Vest PDF before the sale ends June 1st! <3
Hope you love it šŸ™‚

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