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Hi fiber friends! I’ve been tinkering a bit here and there with the general look and layout of Morale Fiber Blog – after 7 years it’s probably time I made it over a bit, don’t you think? Haha 🙂 I’m no web designer (unless the web is made of yarn) so bear with me if things are clunky at first.

One of the changes will be to integrate more of my Instagram directly into my blog as stand-alone posts – such as the handy crochet tip post I created last week, embedded below (I hope) 😉 I won’t be embedding every Insta because that’ll be too repetitive, but you’ll probably start to see more short, succinct posts featuring pretty pictures here. Whereas before I reserved the blog mostly for longer writing and pattern/tutorial posts, I’d like to include these shorter updates now too so that I can center even more of my business around my personal web page instead of trying to manage so many media platforms individually 😉

This is part of a process I’ve been touching on here a lot lately – I hope it’s not too much housekeeping for you patient people, but I do like to be transparent and honest about my business goings-on. I have some really good ideas now about how to streamline Morale Fiber so that I can keep providing quality content in the most efficient way into the newest period of the digital age 😉 It ain’t always easy but it IS always interesting! <3


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