Morel Mushroom Video

I’m very pleased to bring you all another a full length, real-time crochet tutorial video today!

This one demonstrates the making of my Morel Mushroom secret pouch, a cute fungus shaped pocket on a chain loop with an adjustable mushroom cap topper. The written pattern for this handy project is available for free on my blog here, but a crocheter recently commented on my YouTube Channel requesting a video demonstration since the method is very free-form.

While I can’t respond to every request I get for different resources for my patterns, occasionally a suggestion just really works for me or strikes inspiration and this was one of those times 🙂 I love making these mushroom pockets for my Pixie Belt designs and I had been working up to another new belt, one that would be lovely with a little morel…

So I recorded the making of my Morel Pouch and put together this video tutorial along with a bonus tour of my newest Pixie Pocket Belt, “Queen Anne’s Lace.”

Check out the video and all the relevant links below!

Morel Mushroom Video

I have made lots of variations on mushroom pouches over the years, including all these free resources on my blog:

Morel Mushroom Pouch pattern
Jack O Lantern Mushroom Pouch pattern
Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Pouch pattern & video

Last but not least, the full range of links for my extensive Pixie Pocket Belt tutorial series can be found here!

Examples of Pixie Belts I’ve made, many with mushroom pockets

The newest belt, Queen Anne’s Lace, utilizes lots of vintage crochet scraps, scrap lace fabric and cotton weave, upcycled wool yarns, and handspun yarns. I’ve been dreaming of this particular pixie theme for years as it’s one of my favorite plants to see out on the roadside <3

That about wraps it up for now – let me know what you’d like to see in the future! I hope to do some more full-length videos where I work and talk in real time but only if they are helpful for people! 😉 If you’re looking for more Morale Fiber videos please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and consider becoming a Patreon supporter <3


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  1. I am so in love with it all… I have been stuck in a crochet rut since I finished the novella shawl. This is the inspo I needed. I want more info on how you created the shapes for that belt! The four point sort of flower star shape on the back! That is it! I have been wanting to make a belt for my flower loving sister down the road and this is the thing I have been looking for. I will try to come up with something based off the pic, but if you feel like putting a pattern out into the interweb I wouldn’t be sad!

    1. Oh nice! If I’m right about which part you are referring to, that pattern is worked directly off of a charted crochet motif I found on Pinterest – the piece was in my scrap bag as it was a sample for a garment that didn’t get made. Unfortunately I can’t find the chart anymore since it was over a year ago!

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