Acanthus Top Leafy Fringe

Recently I’ve been making a lot of halter tops (hello, 90 degree weather!) and my latest version of last summer’s debut pattern the Acanthus Top was so deep green and foresty that I had to add a little extra somethin’ somethin’..

That leafy fringe across the bottom utilizes the Quirky Leaf Motif, an element that was already included in the pattern, to add an extra border to help catch movement and swing on this cute summer top! I added the instructions for doing this leafy fringe border into the original pattern as an extra option, so everyone can enjoy 🙂

The Acanthus Top is available as a PDF file for purchase in my Ravelry Store , Ko-fi Shop, and Etsy Shop and includes instructions for all the elements seen on this example <3 Best of all it’s available in sizes XS – 2XL!

This top is designed to be great for dancing – most of my personal halter tops end up being danced around in drum circles actually (although not as much lately – waiting patiently for July so I can do that again!) Since it’s such an easy top to move around in, it surely needed a fringe or hanging decoration to accent the joyful movement 🙂

As always I made this halter top in shades of I Love This Cotton! (still looking for a perfect substitute for this yarn so I don’t have to shop at Hobby Lobby). #4 weight yarn makes this project quick and comfortable and I LOOOOOOOVE the wide shoulder straps on it, probably one of the most comfortable halter tops I’ve ever designed!

The leafy crochet necklace I’m wearing is an older FREE design of mine, the Ivy Crown, which you can find on my blog by following the link 🙂 Both these comfy cotton goodies center around my Quirky Leaf Motif, a versatile little shape that you can crochet onto long chains.

I’m dreaming up more crochet halter tops as we speak, they are so fun and fast a #4 cotton yarn, it’s very addicting 🙂

Even more so when you get to morph into your elf self for the occasion <3 Have fun and stay safe out there – and remember to hydrate!

-MF <3

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  1. Would you consider doing an adaptation to make this front fastening?
    Adjusting and tying the strings at the back is very difficult for me, but I love that this pattern has wide straps. I have been looking for a comfortable, supportive halter top pattern with wide straps and a front fastening for a long time. I can’t wear anything that is supported around the back of the neck either, so this is almost perfect.
    ~ Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea! I think that’s a really wonderful idea. It *is* hard to get yourself into back fastening criss-cross halters like this, lol! I have a hard time too. I will play around with some things and see if I can make that happen in the near future!

      1. Wonderful! I hope it goes well. I will make sure to keep checking back.

  2. Do you have a pattern specif to the green leafy top? I’m having mild difficulty navigating this website.

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