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One of the best things about doing more video media is the ability to show my latest and greatest crochet projects in action! Today’s post introduces the newest video on my YouTube Channel, which is a Hook Review that goes over some different hook types and hook brands that I’ve used. In that video, I feature several of my own patterns but also this lovely crochet overalls dress from The Dream Crochet Shoppe on Etsy! I finished her pattern recently and love the product so much I had to show it off by wearing it for the review – here’s a few snapshots of this cute crochet design!

I don’t get to branch out to work other people’s crochet patterns nearly as often as I’d like, since all my crochet mojo is usually funneled toward creating my own original designs. But I make an effort every so often to stop and pull out a pattern from my (ever growing) collection of purchased PDF’s. It’s a fantastic way to branch out and learn from others and also to give my own brain a break 🙂 I adore Ashlee Elle’s designs and she has SO many to choose from! Check her out on Instagram, too!

In my newest video, I wanted to go over some of the crochet hook types and hook brands that I have in my collection of tools. Crochet hooks are super important (duh) to your work because changes in hooks will create subtle changes in your projects and you want to use the right tool for the job, but one that also works well for you individually! That’s why it’s a good idea to know what’s available.

Brands reviewed cover Boye and Susan Bates (the “regular” aluminum metal style hooks), Clover (soft grip and contoured), and specifically reviews Furls crochet hooks – are they really worth the money?

My current Furls collection says yes 😉 All opinions expressed are just mine and I haven’t been compensated or influenced in any way by the brands I talk about here! Just a crocheter’s honest thoughts. After all, they are our magic wands so every crocheter will have their favorites for their personal collection 🙂

Hook Review

I mention two of my own designs in the video too, here are the links to the posts with more info on those!
Mandala Top
Cobweb Wrap

I also mention the Field Guide to Crochet Gauge and Yarn Behavior, a blog post of mine that outlines some of the ways that gauge, hooks, and yarn types interact within crochet projects. There’s so much to learn about the finer points of crochet and I’m always trying to learn more – I hope my perspective is inspiring and helpful to your personal fiber art journey 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for posting about this shop, I went through and liked half of the patterns. I am a huge fan of your patterns and I think that it is really cool of you to promote other artists.

    1. Yay I’m so glad you like her style too. I’m always trying to recommend my favorites as there’s so many good artists out there to choose from 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

  2. Love Furls Hooks (no they don’t pay either!). I too find that I have to go down a size when I use them. I do like their Candy Shop hooks as well.
    Thanks again for this great post/video. Love your designs and website!

    1. Oh thank you so much for the great feedback! 😀 I have been wanting to try Candy Shop but haven’t worked up to it yet, lol. I think the size issue is because of the stitches sliding up on that tapered part, but it’s so easy to just size down a bit – worth the pain relief for sure <3 Have an awesome day!

  3. I don’t normally watch videos but I watched yours on hooks because there is always more to learn. I thought it might be useful to say that I love my Clover Armour hooks but I think that is because I use a knife (dagger!!) grip and the extra thickness in the hand means I don’t have to grip so tightly. I have a couple of the other clover hooks you showed for cotton lace but they are less comfortable for me than the armour. The Furls hooks look beautiful but I have a difficulty with keeping a uniform tension so I can see that the tapering would make it harder for me. Really interesting to see the difference that hooks and grip make.

    1. Thanks so much for watching and for your awesome feedback! I’ll have to try the Clover Armour, I haven’t seen them in my local stores but it sounds like a great one to try – I find I need a big grip nowadays! 😀

      1. Surely that was the Clover hook you showed that wasn’t good for long stitches and didn’t like too much which makes sense if you prefer the pen hold. Do they call it something else in the US? You don’t need to print this just wanted to clarify. The 4.5mm hook is turquoise and 5mm blue.

      2. Yes the one with the blue grip was Clover, actually it IS the clover Amour (not armour as I said before lol, I’m silly). I didn’t even notice it was labeled that haha! Thanks for clarifying 🙂 🙂

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