Leveling Up My Video Game

Over the ten years that I’ve been developing Morale Fiber as a brand and as a business, the internet has changed a lot. Even a digital native like myself can find the ever-quickening pace of online options astounding! Social platforms have exploded in variety, and the media formats available on these apps have come a looooong way, baby.

That’s all wonderful news for people who love to share and socialize on their phones, but for someone who wants to get their art out there for a wide audience to see, it can be a lot to keep up with. Especially since so many of these new platforms now offer or feature video formats, and let me just tell you, I have had a LIFELONG aversion to being videotaped.

Just like when it’s weird to first hear your own voice on a recording, it can be hard for some people to see themselves on video! But with the help of my YouTube channel, I’ve been facing my fears of recording myself – first with my all-hands crochet tutorial videos, then conquering showing my face on camera talking without a script. My latest addition to the video repertoire is something I’ve never tried before – an unboxing video and yarn review 🙂

And you know what? I was shocked (SHOCKED I TELL YOU) to find that I really did enjoy it! Despite my self-consciously sassy tagline, I really hoped people would enjoy the video and like to see my input and my creative voice in a more natural setting. In fact it really didn’t take long for me to try to do it again – this time with an impromptu tutorial on the skirt & waistband sizing on my Elf Coat pattern.

I hope you’ll check out these new offerings and follow/subscribe to Morale Fiber while I build my skills and as always, continue to crochet until morale improves 🙂

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Speaking of Video Games, have you seen my written tutorial for the Video Game Guy? He’s 100% free and 100% friend shaped 🙂


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