Elf Coat FAQ

I’m back with another FAQ page!

I am in love with the fact that my Elf Coat pattern has been so popular since I released it over a year ago! I’ve seen many wonderful creations and talked to tons of great people and it’s just….. so gratifying. And humbling.

Anyway, before I get too schmaltzy, I also get a lot of questions and so I created this resource to help answer those more readily 🙂

Where Can I Find the Elf Coat Pattern?

This crochet pattern can be found for free on my blog at the following links:
Elf Coat Size Small
Elf Coat Size Medium
Elf Coat Size Large
Elf Coat Corset Lacing (for all sizes)

This pattern can also be purchased as a downloadable, ad-free PDF document (all 3 sizes included) through my Ravelry Store or Etsy Shop.

How Do I Size Up?

Currently this pattern is only written for Adult sizes S,M,L. However, many people ask how to go about making a pattern for XL + or other sizes. Although I do intend to write more size options for this design eventually, for now the only sizing advice I can offer is already written into the pattern 🙂 Check the notes that occur before many sections of the design to see what kind of math I used and/or how to alter the size of the coat by changing the gauge.

Though the math in the pattern doesn’t cover every obstacle you may face when trying to create different sizes for this coat, it’ll have to do until I can sit down and write more exact instructions for different sizes (which is high on my list at this point but takes a lot of time and testing)!

Do You Offer This Pattern in Children’s Sizes?

Exact same answer as for “How Do I Size Up”

Can I Make This in Regular Crochet / Knit ?

The Elf Coat is made with Tunisian Crochet, specifically Tunisian Knit stitch. Since many people do not know how to do Tunisian, I’ve had a lot of asks about working it in either a regular crochet stitch or a regular knit stitch. Since the Elf Coat relies solely on 1 type of stitch, made in rows with only increases and decreases for shaping, it is easy to translate into regular stitches using a 1:1 exact translation (as long as you match the gauge).

For crochet, it’s proven difficult (from what I’ve heard) to match the gauge EXACTLY to the one given for the pattern, but with some engineering I’ve seen folks turn out Elf coats in regular single crochet that look great! I do go over the general guidelines for how to do this in the Notes section of the original pattern.

I’ve also seen several great examples in regular knitting, which produces a slightly flowier, looser and thinner garment. Again, a 1:1 translation (stitch for stitch, inc for inc, dec for dec) can be followed.

I have to say, though, that it’s really worth learning Tunisian Crochet to make this piece! I personally think there’s nothing quite like it 🙂 Which leads to the next FAQ:

Do You Have a Video Tutorial for This Pattern?

No, I don’t currently have a video for the Elf Coat Pattern – although I AM rolling out a series of video tutorials for all of the Tunisian Crochet techniques used in this pattern on my YouTube Channel right now!

Many people have asked about a full video Elf Coat pattern, and I understand that there are a lot of people out there who really don’t like reading written patterns. And though I never say never, I’m pretty sure I won’t be making a full video tutorial for this pattern. I’d really love to – but I do not plan on it. I’m a one-woman business and I just can’t make the time to create all options for everything ❤ Even though I wish I could. Thanks for understanding!

Can I use “X” yarn with this pattern / What hook should I use?

The answer to this question always begins with “check your gauge.” Technically you can make any pattern with any size hook and yarn if your gauge matches the gauge given in the pattern. Now, gauge can be tricky and there are other things that contribute to the general look, feel, and function of a handmade garment, but the simplest place to start when asking “can I make it with this yarn and hook?” is to test your gauge.

This pattern works best with DK / #3 weight yarn, or with lighter #4 weight yarns (One ply yarns like Unforgettable work best for this weight category – picture below). I don’t recommend it in something like a #4 weight multi-ply acrylic (think RHSS) because it’s so hard to get the right gauge with those yarns, but some people have achieved it!

If you need yarn ideas, you can search the yarn recommended in the pattern through the yarnsub.com database and it will give you yarn with similar weight and characteristics as options for substitutes. It’s one of my favorite yarn resources.

Is This Pattern Available in Other Languages?

Currently some sizes are available for FREE in Dutch via the awesome Een Mooi Gebaar , along with a couple other popular patterns of mine!

Dutch is currently the only other language, bu I would like to offer more language options for this pattern in the future so be sure to check back.

Do You Know That Someone is Stealing Your Photos and Pretending to Sell Your Design?!

I do. It’s not awesome, but I am aware of it. Around this time last year, a foreign scam/knockoff website started advertising heavily to my fanbase pretending to sell my Elf Coat (using an image they stole from me). A LOT of people messaged me about it, thank you so much!! I can’t believe so many people recognized my work and cared enough to rush to my defense!

That being said, there’s not much I can do, so I just ignore it. Many people have suggested that I watermark my images, but for various reasons I prefer not to.

Do You Offer the Real Elf Coat for Sale?

I don’t, unfortunately! But I highly encourage you to shop around on Etsy or among friends to find someone to make it for you if you don’t crochet. I’m so busy designing patterns anymore that I’ve stopped taking any kind of actual crochet commission work. It’s possible that I may end up making one or two for pattern testing or for fun in the future, and if that happens I will probably offer them directly for sale via my Facebook page – so if you would like the chance to buy one, make sure you follow me for updates!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown interest in this design and in my other pieces – this elf gal is charged up and ready to create some more new designs for you guys, and it’s all thanks to the amazing people who support my art ❤ We are in this together ❤


This isn’t the Elf Coat, I just love this picture. (Click so see the Feather & Scale Halter Top design)

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