Kismet Poncho

Sometimes I think I’m a really slow designer compared to other crochet artists out there! When I dream up an idea, and hone it down, it may still be months before I perfect it and apply it to a project satisfactorily, and then more time still to sculpt the pattern and create the materials to teach it.

The Kismet Square was originally created for an entirely different design, one that I still have my eye on for the future – but that pattern was taking way too long!

So I settled on creating a simpler garment featuring the Kismet Square, and doing a full-length crochet pattern tutorial video for both the squares and for assembling & completing a poncho from them!

The entire Kismet Poncho pattern can be accessed for FREE exclusively on my YouTube channel videos (with written captions) or get the written pattern with tutorial photos as a downloadable, printable, ad-free PDF in my Etsy Shop , Ko-Fi Shop, or Ravelry Store! <3 Keep scrolling for the free video <3

It’s not the project I originally intended, but it’s the perfect project for the upcoming autumn weather and the perfect addition to my YouTube free pattern offerings – so the Kismet Poncho was born, and it was… well… fate πŸ˜‰

The Kismet Poncho features a 12-round crochet square with a floral circular focal point that expands outward into easy repeat rows of stitches, clusters and shells. The alternating solid and openwork stitches create a boldly textured appeal inspired by the rich layered patterning of Middle Eastern decorative traditions.

Worked in various colors of sleek #4 worsted weight yarn, this one-size-fits-all poncho uses 4 squares to create a gorgeous statement piece with or without fringe. The pattern itself is easy to adapt with different yarn and hook sizes, and the rounds of varied stitching showcases any range of color combinations you can dream!

Finished Measurements:

Length – 30” collar to tip, not including fringe, 20” collar to short edge, not including fringe
Width – 45” across from short edge to short edge


5.5 mm hook
#4 weight Acrylic Yarn (I used a blend of yarns, all acrylics such as Caron Simply Soft and Lion Brand Heartland) – ~ 800-900 yds
Tapestry Needle
6” book or length of cardboard for cutting fringe

Now on to the videos! Find Gauge, stitches, and pattern notes below the first video <3

Kismet Poncho Part 1

Keep scrolling for Parts 2 & 3!

Gauge: 3 sts & 1 row = 1” in dc

Stitches & Abbreviations:
Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Treble Crochet (tr)

Special Stitches:
Magic Ring: An adjustable ring made by wrapping the yarn around the hand or fingers, and using the loop to crochet the first round of a circular crochet piece. Ring is closed by pulling the loose tail tightly after completing the round.
Shell: A set of 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in the same space.
Petal: A series of hdc, dc, tr, arranged in a mirrored shape within a single stitch or space.
Cluster: Several stitches worked in the same st or space, leaving the last loops on the hook. When all stitches are worked, YO and pull through all loops on the hook.
Dc3tog: A decrease where 1 dc is worked in each of the next 3 indicated stitches, leaving the last loop on the hook for each dc stitch. The complete the stitch, YO and draw through all remaining loops on the hook. 1 dc3tog made.

Skip (sk)
Next (nxt)
Each (ea)
Space (sp)
Stitch (st)
Beginning (beg)

Kismet Poncho Part 2

Kismet Poncho Part 3

I hope this design inspires you to create something you or your friends & family will love! And if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me here or via any of my social media channels πŸ™‚



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  1. I’m going to order the yarn for this poncho but watching the video I need to know what yarns you used. I think I heard Jeans for the orange??? Thanks for any information.

    1. Hi Veronica! The yarn used in the video is all #4 weight, acrylic yarn, but unfortunately I only know the names of some of these yarns as some of them have been inherited or passed down to me as scrap yarns. The two yarns I do know for sure are Lion Brand Jeans and Lion Brand Heartland πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting!

  2. I haven’t crocheted much since my daughter started walking 2 years ago – she gets jealous or something and messes everything up. You’ve inspired me to try again and I pulled off 9 rounds yesterday (no color change) with little interference from her! I was too impatient to make a swatch or anything because I easily found an “I” hook and Super Saver skeins from an abandoned afghan without digging out my crafting tub. I will be starting over though because the bulkier worsted SS is just too thick to make me happy. I kinda figured as much with the SS, but I was excited and treated it as an experiment. I happily pulled my yarn tub out of storage today and it truly is kismet because I finally see a use for some discontinued Knit Picks yarn I’ve been hoarding for 10 years.

    Something that kills me in whatever project is weaving in the ends. I’ve poked around your site and haven’t come across anything that seems to be dedicated to this. Can you direct me to one, or am I just writing too early and you show how you handle weaving the ends in the part 3 video? I feel a garment deserves better treatment than my typical “get-this-over-with” rush job, and would appreciate some encouragement/motivation to do it a better way.

    1. Hi there and thanks for the comment! Yes, the Super Saver is pretty stiff and wouldn’t make a very flowy poncho I’m afraid! The Knit Picks sounds much better. <3 I hate to weave in the ends also, and I've always considered making a tutorial for how best to do it. Thank you for asking for one! I may do one in the future but at the moment I don't have any resources available for how to do it best. A quick Google search might yield some results, but I've found that how I weave in the ends changes for just about every piece I make πŸ˜› lol!

      1. Yeah, I weave ends in differently every time based on the yarn style (and motivation levels, ha!)… I guess I was hoping for a pep talk or tips to make end-weaving less annoying. Well I’m following you now so if you make an ends-specific tutorial I’ll see it! In the meantime, I’m enjoying looking at everything else of yours I’ve come across so far. Everything’s beautiful, makes me nostalgic for Ren Faire!

    1. Hi Debra! The written pattern is available as a purchasable PDF in my Etsy and Ravelry pattern stores – there’s a link in the text above the description of the pattern πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  3. I had to go up to an L hook, used #4 yarn, & add 3 rows to get the right Sz.? I don’t know what is wrong? Thanks

  4. I made this poncho, could not resist! It worked up great thanks to you and your easy to follow tutorial. Amazing!

  5. I have a request to make this lovely poncho and am trying to figure out how many colors you used. Thanks

    1. Hi Dianne! I used 3 main colors plus some scrap yarn as accents – the main colors are like Caron Simply Soft, the coral one is CSS, the others are not Caron but they are similar in weight and composition (the gold-beige and the multicolored cream and maroon) πŸ™‚ I mostly did use spare skeins for this project so I don’t know the exact names and quantites

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