Cobweb Wrap

I’ve always loved the way that fog reveals through tiny glimmering water droplets the cobwebs that weave together the grasses of a field. These little intricate fiber blobs go unnoticed until the water reflection lights them up, revealing a tiny world of complexity.

It was after these shining, tensile treasures that I named my newest design, the Cobweb Wrap – available now as a PDF crochet pattern in my Ko-Fi Shop, Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store! Keep reading for more info on the pattern or click the links to buy directly <3 Thank you!

I’d been thinking about cobwebs a lot recently, due to receiving a really unique donation to my costume closet – The faerie costume of Texas Renaissance Festival participant “Cobweb the Faerie” known in our realm by her human alias, Laurie Hummel. My friend Jason inherited this item from a friend of a friend while living in Texas, and then mailed it to me, bequeathing me the title and associated memorabilia.

I felt an appropriateness about it, first of all because “cobweb” = a spinning of fibers to create a pattern, which seems a lot like what I do, and so there exists an affinity between my art and spiders as a concept (my relationship with actual spiders is ambivalent at best).

It’s an honor to be entrusted with someone else’s magic – I felt a similar sense of inheritance when I bought my secondhand spinning wheel. I felt the need to do a kind of tribute with Cobweb making an appearance modeling a design. Once I determined this, the perfect concept came forward as if it were ready and waiting.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a gorgeous pineapple lace wrap similar to this one since it first made my romantic be-doilied heart skip a beat on Pinterest some years ago. This nascent idea for a delicate circular lace wrap/skirt, being so much like a web already, seemed appropriate for the character and the costume even matched with the thread I had ready for the project <3

What I came up with is as simple as it is versitile – the large, 60″ circular center opening is controlled by a drawstring, to make both an adjustable waistband and an adjustable opening to drape around the shoulders.

I also added different length options – a shortened version of this pattern makes a swing-y skirt or vintage style lace shawl – instructions are given on how to work for Short, Midi, and Long lengths.

The foundation of the pattern is adjustable by a given amount, so that you can make this in larger hooks and yarns and adjust the pattern as necessary – more description of how to modify is given in the pattern notes, like for this DK weight version:

Wear ALL the different ways – shawl, poncho, wrap, layered skirt, lace dress! Read on for the details on materials and description of the pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

Cobweb Wrap

As delicate and gossamer as the silken threads that line the fields, the Cobweb Wrap is an impressive lace piece designed to be shown off!

The apparent intricacy belies the ease of a classic and simple lace pattern: the crochet pineapple. The popularity of this design over centuries is due to its accessibility – with just a few basic crochet stitches and a set of intuitive repeats, massive webs of beautiful lace can be woven easily!

Though named the pineapple, this design is a gorgeous geometric pattern that could be imagined many ways – peacock feathers, leaves, and even little spider bodies (creepy cute!). The pattern is in detailed written format, with 75+ tutorial photos and full video how-to for the hem (which you can access for free by following the link).

This wearable lace piece is convertible from skirt to shawl/wrap, includes instructions for resizing for different yarns and gauges with optional lengths of Short, Midi, and Long – and features the Pointed Pineapples technique, which creates a charming tattered silhouette that gives the wrap a romantic vintage feel <3

Get the pattern now in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store!

3.25 mm hook, 3.50 mm hook, 3.75 mm hook
#5 Crochet Thread โ€“ (I used Artiste brand 100% Acrylic thread, in 370 yard cones) โ€“ 6 cones for the full skirt
Tapestry needle
Ribbon yarn or some kind of tie for drawstring

Sizes: Short, Midi, Long
Finished Measurements: ~60″ Top Opening, Up to ~32″ (Long)
All instructions are written in English, in US terminology.

More about my outfit: Cobweb the Faerie’s original costume pieces appear mixed and matched with my own additions – The light green flowery top, purple/green/gold tulle skirt, and flowered tulle headband are original to Laurie’s gear, as well as a pair of sheer golden wings not pictured on me here.

The green crochet vest is the Cottage Vest, another original design from me.

The green leafy wrap necklace is a FREE pattern on my blog , the Ivy Crown.

The woolen costume dreads are dyed and felted & decorated by me.

The beautiful sage green bellydance skirt is from Magical Fashions.

Photography by Abel Benge <3

I hope that I’ve done justice to Cobweb’s persona (faeriesona?), as well as adding my own interpretation and that Laurie, though I didn’t know her, would approve!


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  1. Hi Regina,
    This wrap is gorgeous! I have a vintage pineapple stitch tablecloth in white that has been passed along to me, crocheted long ago by my Great Aunt Fay. It is a treasure to me. I’m a fan of your work and am so excited to purchase this pattern and try my hand at this beautiful design. Thanks so much!

    1. Oh wow! That sounds like a beautiful item to have inherited – I just love the things my grandmas made <3 Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you love the pattern!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Going to make this as soon as I can get the thread. What color of Artiste crochet thread did you use? Maybe “white crystal” or “eggnog”? You’re so talented and I love the magical feel of these pictures and of your designs.

  3. Good Evening Regina, I just purchased the cobweb wrap and the embla vest patterns on Ravelry.ย  I applied the discount code for purchasing two patterns, but it did not take effect and I’ve been charged full price.ย  Did I make an error or can you correct this on your end? Thank you for all of the wonderful designs,Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri! I will double check my coupon codes right away, thanks for letting me know! If you could let me know the transaction number for your purchase, I will get you a refund for the missing discount as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Blessed Morning Regina!!
    I just purchased this pattern and cannot wait to start it!! I am going to be using Twirls Deluxe yarn from Hobbii, it is a slow color change over 1000 m and about a 2 weight in crochet terms…. do I need to size up on my hook or will it be about the same as what you used? You have such gorgeous patterns!!! I will definitely be buying more in the future ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bright Blessing to you and yours,

    1. Hi Mary! That depends on the gauge, but I have seen a couple of people do this pattern with Hobbii Twirls so far and I think they used the recommended hook sizes as listed in the pattern (3.25, 3.5, & 4.0 if I remember right!) and it came out looking gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for your support and let me know if you need more clarification or have any other questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi there! No, you don’t (sc, chain three) in every single chain 3 space of the row below – you don’t work those repeats in the spaces just before and just after the shell ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey, I have A question about round 8. Also I cannot see the words in this comment, so sorry if thereโ€™s typos. After the shell is there a ch1 before the dc ch1 dc in the space? And is there. Sc after it before the next sheโ€™ll?

    The instructions say 2dc ch1 twice in each shell, but I wasnโ€™t sure if the ch1 repeated as well before moving to the space. Thank you.

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