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Just popping in for a quick reminder that my Pixie Pocket Belt tutorial is now available in downloadable, portable, printable, ad-free form! Head over to my Etsy Shop , Ko-fi Shop, or Ravelry Pattern Store to get it <3 <3 <3 Thanks for visiting and supporting – the free version is still available on my blog in this series of posts, but PDF’s are more convenient and accessible – plus I get yarn money which allows me to make more patterns and tutorials!


I also have the most recently finished pixie belt, “Dogwood” to share. I made this one for me, since I didn’t have my own yet. My favorite colors, plus some extra slip stitch fanciness, resin cabochon details, and even a leather and crochet pocket.


I loved crocheting on the leather and plan to do more – and maybe even make some tutorials for it! πŸ˜‰


I especially enjoy the deer antler button fastenings and the adjustable ribbon tie combo – so there are multiple ways to wear this. I’d have to say these are in the running for my #1 favorite crochet project to make, I hope you love them as much as I do!


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  1. I am beyond IN LOVE with your pixie belts! I’m making one now for my daughter to wear to music festivals this summer. Your tutorial is so easy to follow and comprehensive. I am obsessed with your blog and all the projects. Where have you been all my crochet life??? So glad I found you.

    1. Lol, thank you so much for your amazingly kind words! I am thrilled you love my work πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The Pixie Belts are probably my favorite thing to make so I’m glad to hear they are being shared into the world!

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