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Though it’s been two years since I first published the Mehndi Halter Top design, I’ve never stopped wanting to create the plus size version – like I did with the Sol Halter and the Plus Size Sol – but for some reason it just took me a while πŸ™‚ Everything in its own time, amiright? At any rate, the pattern is finally ready!
Update 6/2022: The Plus Size pattern for the Mehndi Halter is now available in the same purchase as the original Mehndi Halter Top, linked above, instead of asΒ  a separate purchase πŸ™‚Β 


The Mehndi Halter Top pattern draws inspiration from the thick lotus petal motifs, linework, and dot borders in traditional henna design. Made in bright #4 weight cotton yarn, this pom-pom fringed top makes a unique addition to dance costumes, festival wear, or your next beach adventure!

The Plus Size version is designed for bigger busts, utilizing a cross-back tie for adjustability and comfort. The band size is 26” at the bottom of the halter with a height of 10″ from top of cups to bottom of the halter (not including the trim). The cross-back ties are 55″ and thread through loops at the side, taking the weight off of the back of the neck as with traditional halter tops.


As usual, detailed instructions and stitch counts are included in the written pattern, as well was lots of detailed step-by-step photos!

Materials needed:

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton (#4, 3.5 oz/180 yds) – 2 skeins Color A, plus 1 coordinating color
3.50 mm hook
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

All instructions written in English and in US terminology.

I really hope you love making & wearing this one! My goal was to put it out by the end of May, and I’m squeaking it in right under the line πŸ˜‰ Because I love you! πŸ™‚


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  1. Love this top, was just wondering if we wanted to make it a bit longer could we just add a few more rows before we start the increases?

    1. Hi Keesha! Yep, adding more rows on the bottom will definitely make this piece longer and give more coverage – that can also be done after finishing the cups, by crocheting along the buttom edge extra non-shaped rows before adding the trim. You can also size the cups up by changing the stitches, but that’s more complex πŸ™‚ PLease let me know if I can clarify anything else for you!

      1. I’ve already been working on modifying the cups. I’m a 36H so I’m used to having to modify things to cover them. I want to make this to wear by the water so I can make sure I covered and supported but also can just throw on a pair of shorts and run to the store if needed. It’s super cute and I love that it isn’t so complicated and overwhelming that I can modify it easily to better fit my size and style. I rarely buy patterns and tend to just make mine up as I go but definitely bought this one and added you to my favorite designers on Ravelry. Thank you for making a plus size and not just a small. It makes it much easier to use for a lot of us.

      2. I am so happy to hear it’s been a useful design for you! I definitely wanted to make it versatile πŸ™‚ I tested the plus size or bigger bust size modifications on my F-Cup friend and it worked out well so hopefully yours will too!

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