Ida Shawl Circular Poncho


I’ve been dying to design an asymmetrical circular poncho for a long time – in fact, it was over a year ago that I started on the first prototype for this new pattern. After much testing, tweaking, and perfecting, the Ida Shawl is finally ready for debut! You can get it in my Ravelry Pattern Store , Ko-Fi Shop, or Etsy Shop now <3


The central mandala is based on a five-pointed star pattern inspired by the formation of seeds you can see when you cut an apple in half. To me it is representative of the beauty of natural geometry (FUN FACT the “geo” part of “geometry” means “earth” which is inherently natural making the phrase I just used sort of redundant. Moving on.)

That dress has pockets!

An asymmetrical poncho worked in soft DK weight yarn keeps you cozy AND stylish! The short front hem of the wrap compliments all figures while the back falls in gentle ripples away from an eye-catching central lace mandala pattern.

A stretchy ribbed collar formed using crochet post stitches keeps the Ida Shawl on your shoulders without pins or ties for a practical yet feminine look. This lovely spring or autumn pieces keeps you warm while enhancing any outfit!

Pattern includes detailed written instructions and a ton of step-by-step tutorial photos as well as a print-friendly version!


5.50 mm Hook or size needed to obtain gauge
Cleckheaton Australian Superfine Merino (65 g, 130 meters) OR Rico Essentials Merino DK (50 g, 120 meters) 7 skeins in the following scheme:
Color A – 1 skein
Color B – 1 skein
Color C – 1 skein
Color D – 2 skeins
Color E – 2 skeins
Scissors & Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends


Yarn Substitutions:
For ease of care, wool allergies, or affordability you may consider an acrylic substitute for this project – I recommend Caron Simply Soft Light as shown above (#3, 85 g / 330 yards, 100% Acrylic – 3 skeins) which produces a slightly different but equally lovely look. Color shown is Taupe.

That superfine merino is really warm and soft as butter, but the acrylic version is so light and lacy! I really can’t decide which one I like better.



It was VERY sunny that day


Whichever is your favorite, I think we can all agree that dresses with pockets are the bomb.


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  1. I’ve been looking for something like this. After I finish your Mandala duster (about to start the sleeves!) this is next!

    …Or maybe I’ll be impatient and start it sooner than later. 😉

      1. Oh good! I’m not alone. I have 8 right now and 2 others “hibernating.”

        I’m going with impatience 🙂 Now to figure out which yarn in my stash to use!

  2. I love this whips up quick. Id like it a couple of inches longer in font. I get chilly arms lol if i do the half rpunds extra times will this throw of the look ? Or make it too out of nslance ? Ty !

    1. Awesome – So glad you like it! I would say you could definitely add a couple more half rounds in the front – I recommend tapering them so that each half round is a little longer than the last that way you won’t have an abrupt height change. It’ll look a little less asymmetric maybe, but depending on how much yarn you want to use you could do extra full rounds instead to keep the front to back ration even 🙂

  3. Hi! I absolutely fell in love with this pattern but I don’t have any DK yarn. Do you think a worsted yarn with a different hook size would suffice?

    1. Hi Amena! I worked this pattern in worsted weight when I was first designing it, and you can definitely make a successful poncho with that weight of yarn but it will not drape the same way that the DK weight does. The look is still nice, just different – a little chunkier, if that makes sense 🙂 If I were doing this in a worsted weight, I would size the hook up just a little and expect a larger piece, rather than down to compensate for the gauge difference, and that will help to retain the original look. However, there are a few #4 weight yarns that would not create too much of a difference from the DK weight, such as Caron Simply Soft or Lion brand Shawl in a Ball, with which you could probably keep the original hook size and come out with something very similar.

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